Double O Coaching:

Oliver O’Sullivans Coaching Page


I am interested in assisting people to hit their running and health goals. I am not worried about ability level, and just want to assist people in achieving sustainable improvements. Club doesn’t matter, level doesn’t matter. Zero cost or fees. An individual program. Can cancel any time. Want to help people that seek guidance on what to do and would value assistance. Goal is for people to improve and enjoy the sport. Long term approach to training, however if you only want help for a short term fixed period that is absolutely fine.


I have been a runner since I was 8 years old, and have competed competitively for 27 years. I wish to continue to race and compete as long as my body will allow me. Running has consistently been good for my health and well-being, and I wish to assist others to hit their goals. I am coached by Chris Pilone, and this is my second year working under him. This year is my first year in the Masters Grade and my first year as the Hill City-University Club President. In 2020,and 2021 I was the Hill City-University Harrier Manager. I also sit on the Cross Country Committee, and am dedicated to improving the sport, and making it more accessible for all people. My Partner (Amanda) and I have welcomed our first child in February (Arlo), and look forward to having Arlo involved in the club when he is a bit older too.


Nutrition. Athletics performance. Stoic Philosophy. History and Science. Hunting and Fishing. Ancestral living and diet.

Running philosophy:

Support lydiard training principles. I am not a advocate of short and hard repetitions. I advocate for a sustainable approach to training and highly recommend Keith Livingstones Healthy intelligent training.

Training approach:

Initial face to face consultation to determine your goals and current training volume.

Lactate threshold test (in lab, or self timed), this will be used to implement heart rate based training or sessions. A heart rate monitor would be useful, but is not required. If you prefer a more relaxed approach that is absolutely fine too.

Diet philosophy:

Advocate for a real food approach (avoidance of processed food and empty calories). My dietary interests are as strong as my passion for running. I am happy to discuss, assist with dietary support for performance or health improvement (specific interests: metabolic health, metabolic syndrome, metabolic flexibility, diabetes management, micro and macro nutrients, ancestral living).


My only expectation of anyone I wish to coach is that they are motivated to improve.

Personal Performance and Goals:


1500m 4.01, 2021/22 seasons best 4:14.

3000m 8.39, 2021/22 seasons best 8.46

5000m 15.17, 2021/22 seasons best 15.17

10,000m 32.11, 2021/22 seasons best 32.11.

10km Road 31.29.

1/2 Marathon 1.12:44, 2021/22 seasons best 1.13:29.

Current goal is to secure a NZ Masters grade title in 2022.

I have a commitment to upskilling and developing my coaching skills and abilities and will be seeking future opportunities to learn.