Club history


Hill City was formed in 1982 by the amalgamation of three existing clubs, Dunlaidir (formerly Anglican which was formed in about 1905-06), Presbyterian (1946) and Mornington. Those clubs contributed a wealth of history and experience which has ensured that Hill City has maintained a prominent place in Otago Harriers and Track and Field events as well as contributing to the administration of Athletics in Otago.

Recently University Harriers joined the Hill City Club to form Hill City–University.


Distance running was considered the preserve of men with attempts to physically eject women competing in the New York marathon being a catalyst for women being permitted to run that event in early 1970’s. Hill City’s Sue O’Sullivan was instrumental in women being permitted to run the Port Chalmers to Dunedin Road race in the early 1980’s. Sue won that event in the first year that women were formally permitted to run the race (and afterwards sat on the side of the road breast feeding one of her sons, so the story goes). The club has been fortunate to be well represented in both men’s and women’s running in local, national and international events.