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Information for the 2022-2023 children’s athletics season:


To a friendly, family orientated athletics club for children in Dunedin. Our over-riding passion and purpose is to share our passion for athletics to the next generation.

Ultimately, our vision is to foster our club members to be the best that they can be. We have structured our training to support both having fun and participation whilst learning essential skills that are the foundation for so many other sports and we have balanced this a competitive element. To this end we hold no Club Championships, rather we base our recognition on attendance, participation and achievement across the athletics season, across all disciplines.

Athletics is a sport that develops a sense of competition, resilience, to get up and try again as well, it builds confidence within a team environment.

Our club is run by volunteers and our coaches are mostly current young athletes, typically who have been athletes from a young age at our club and have commonly and successfully competed at a National level.

So, if you want your children to have fun, make new friends, learn how to run faster, jump and throw further, then come and join our family orientated children’s athletic club.

Joining Up

To find out about Hill City-University summer children’s athletics, come to our training evenings on Tuesdays from 6:00-7:15pm.

You can join in the fun, register online, or at one of our registration days, and get your club uniform (if you’d like to take part in interclub competition).

Registration is Tuesday 20th and 27th September, 6pm to 7pm, at our Club rooms, Logan Park Drive, Opposite the Caledonian.

Coaching and Training

Training and coaching is held for children aged 14 and under every Tuesday evening for those aged between 4 – 9’s  6pm to 7:15pm and for the 10 -14’s  7pm to 8:15pm at Hill City–University clubrooms, Logan Park. Apart from the 5 and under’s all training is at the Caledonian Athletic Stadium.

Our aim to make training fun for both athletes and the parents. For Health and Safety we require that all parents or an assigned caregiver remain present whilst their children train or compete.  We also encourage parents to get involved to help our coaches allow the children to learn as much as they can. On a club night we typically start with a warm-up, jogging around the field outside the clubrooms and doing stretching exercises. For 4-9’s this starts at 6pm sharp and 10-14’s, 7pm After the warm-up the children will be taken across the road to practise and have fun. Training is typically no longer than an hour. For the 5 and unders it is typically around 30 – 45 minutes. Each week, each age grade spends 20 minutes practicing each of 3 different disciplines according to a weekly roster.

There is training for relays, sprints, middle distance, high jump, long jump, discus, shot and hurdles.

For older children that want to develop their athletic skills, typically 10 and above there are a variety of Hill City-University junior squads available that specialise in sprints (12-14), middle distance (10 – 14), throwing (10 – 14) and jumping (12 – 14). These squads are managed separately by experienced coaches, numbers are limited and if you think you maybe interested in these please talk to our Convenor John Hollows, or Hamish Robb on training nights.

If the weather is bad, cancellations will also be sent out by email, or alternatively you can check our Facebook page.


Interclub track and field competition is held on most Saturdays (9:00am-midday) at the Caledonian over the summer season. Attendance at interclub competitions is encouraged but entirely voluntary. At the interclub competitions children continue to be coached to help reinforce technique and confidence. At the regional championships this trackside coaching is not allowed.

Competition times and dates are published in the Otago Daily Times Sports Draw Section under Athletics in Thursday’s paper and on our facebook page. Look for Hill City-University Children’s Section or Otago Children’s. we have provided the draft schedule below

The club provides singlet on loan to all athletes involved in interclub competition; athletes are required to wear their own black shorts to complete the club uniform. If your child wants to wear anything that shows under their singlet it must be either plain black, or plain white (this is strictly enforced at the Colgate Games).

The age for the season is set at the age on 31 December 2022. Age on this day determines athlete’s grade for the whole season.

Competitions through the season include:

  • Children Ribbon Day – Have a Go, no registration required, Saturday 15th October 2022
  • Paape Cup/Highland Games: A one-day event on Saturday 10 December 2022 10am to 4pm. A fun opportunity to try some events associated with Scotland! This has been recently changes to a non-selection event to encourage all competitive and non-competitive athletes to participate.
  • SBS Mini Multis (mini pentathlon): A two day competition: Saturday 26th November (pm) and Sunday 27th November (am). Individual athletes can enter up to 4 events and we will enter as many teams as possible in club relay teams.
  • Colgate Games: South Island Colgate Games will take place in Timaru from 13-15 January 2023. As in years past we expect to take a large team to participate and compete in this well-established and  great festival of sport.
  • Otago Championships: This is a weekend competition held at the Caledonian Ground 11th (11 – 5pm) and 12th March 2023 (10 – 4pm). We expect all our competition athletes to participate in this event.

All interclub competitions at the weekend during the season are included in the registration fee.

There are entry fees for the Colgate Games. If you would like more information about any of these please talk to a member of the committee.


Email hillcitychildrens@gmail.com

The fees include club and controlling organization memberships (Athletics Otago and Athletics New Zealand) for all athletes. For competing athletes, there is free loan of a club singlet, eligibility to compete at interclub competitions and the Colgate Games, as well as the opportunity to be selected in Otago representative teams.

All fees are paid by when registering online at:

Online payment for Children’s Athletics

Competitive Athlete – 6yrs to 14yrs
(Tuesday club nights and eligible for all competitions)
Non Competitive Club Athlete – 6 to 14yrs
(Tuesday club nights only)
Non Competitive Club Athlete – under 6 years
(Tuesday club nights only)

The same race numbers are assigned to athletes each season. It is intended that the ‘pin–on’ number is to be re-used each season. Official replacement numbers can be printed for a $5.00 fee. Please contact a committee member to arrange this. Payment by cash, please.

No refunds will be given after the third week of the season to any members.

Trial period

If you are unsure about joining, the first Saturday meeting is a non-competition ‘Ribbon Day’ and generally the next Saturday morning competition can be tried on a 1-day registration at no charge. This year this is October 15th 9am to 12pm.

Also, we will allow you to come to the first 2 training nights free before having to decide.

Parent Help

We are an organisation run by volunteers, without parent help, we cannot function. Hill City-University is duty club at the shot put each Saturday and competition day and several helpers are required. A roster is drawn up every season and you are expected to be available or to have organised a replacement.

Help is also expected of all parents on Tuesday evening training nights. An outline of some of the roles is set out below for further information.

Tuesday night

Parent supervisors for all age groups (at least 2 for each age supervisors will assist coaches, coordinator plus 6 parent helpers for run jump throw for 6’s and under).

We are always happy for parents to get involved with coaching. Perhaps you are an ex-athlete, perhaps you just want to be part of the child’s learning. We provide training for those that want it, otherwise we ask that if you are available you help the coaches on training nights by supervising the children and keeping disruptive behavior to a minimum.

Coaches for blocks, sprints, middle distance, relays, hurdles, walk, long jump, high jump, discus, shot put, and administration are always welcome.

Saturday mornings

Shot put judges (plus rostered assistants) finish line assistants, help with hurdles (as required).

Other positions

Organising committee (the more the merrier) and team managers (Colgate Games)

If you are keen to be involved, we would love to hear from you! It does not matter if you don’t have experience in coaching, there are many different ways that you can help the club while supporting your own children and others. We can help fit you into a role and support you as you become more familiar with the club and activities.

Courses for Parents

We encourage all parents to get involved in the smooth running of their children’s athletic programme. To improve your skills when assisting at various disciplines, courses are held through the year and are extremely worthwhile. To register or make enquiries, contact:

Athletics Otago
Tel 027 649 5657
Email athleticsotago@xtra.co.nz
Website athleticsotago.co.nz

The Run, Jump, Throw course is an ideal introduction for parents who would like to know more about what their children are doing. No previous skills or experience necessary to participate in these courses. Contact Karen for details on the next available course.


The purpose of Tuesday evening is to provide a friendly and fun environment for coaching and training. It can be very difficult for the parents who are coaching and helping, to deal with the misbehaviour of children who are not their own.

If children mis-behave they will be warned. If bad behaviour persists after a warning, the parents/caregiver will be advised, and will be expected to help – usually by assisting with the activities involving their child until the problem is resolved.

The disciplinary steps are:

  1. Warning
  2. Parents/caregiver advised
  3. Suspension from training for one week
  4. Asked to leave the club – no refunds

Health and Wellbeing of Your Children

Please also note that at no time on Tuesday evenings and competition days that we are actively babysitting / supervising your children.  You are required to be present or always have an assigned caregiver present. This is particularly important from a Health and Safety perspective as accidents do occur (although rarely) and occasionally training is abandoned due to bad weather.

The health and wellbeing of your children while at athletics is your responsibility. If you are unable to supervise your children, you must arrange adequate supervision.

Childrens Athletics Programme 2022-2023

We split our training times to accommodate the ages of our club members

Under 6 – Get Set Go :6pm to 6:30-6:45pm

Age grade 6-9: 6pm to 7:15pm

Age grade 10 -14: 7pm to 8:15pm

Otago Childrens Athletics Programme 2022-2023

OctoberSaturday15Ribbon Day  (end School Holidays)Caledonian9-12
Otago Secondary SchoolsCaledonian
 Saturday127-14’s Caledonian9-12
DecemberSaturday37-14’s Caledonian10-1
 Saturday10Paape Games)Caledonian9-12
Lovelock Classic
S.I. Colgate Games
All Day
 Saturday25Country Meet AlexandraTBC
Otago Secondary
School Champs
Otago Champs
Otago Champs
 TBCTBCOther meet

(Guide only – subject to change)

Field Programme A  Field Programme B 
GradeEventEvent GradeEventEvent
7Kit/VortexShot Put 7Long JumpDiscus
8Long JumpDiscus 8Kit/VortexShot Put
9Shot PutHJ/Vortex 9DiscusLong Jump
10Long JumpDiscus 10High JumpShot Put
11High JumpDiscus 11Long JumpShot Put
12Shot PutLong Jump 12DiscusHigh Jump
13DiscusHigh Jump 13Shot PutLong Jump
14Long JumpShot Put 14DiscusHigh Jump
 Track A Track B Track C 
7,8,960m & 80m 100m & Track Relay200m & Kit Relay
10-14Race Walk on Alternate Interclub weeks