Hill City-University Summer Children’s section

Information for the 2020-2021 children’s athletics season:

Joining Up

To find out about Hill City-University summer children’s athletics, come to our training evenings on Tuesdays from 6:00-7:15pm.

You can join in the fun, register online, or at one of our registration days, and get your club uniform (if you’d like to take part in interclub competition).

Registration is Tuesday 29th September and 6th October 5:30pm-7:00pm at the Hill City-University Clubrooms.

Coaching and Training

Training and coaching is held for children aged 14 and under every Tuesday evening from 6:00-7:15pm at Hill City–University clubrooms, Logan Park.

It is fun for both athletes and the parents. Parents are rostered to assist (not to coach – unless they are keen) approximately once every 4-5 weeks. On a club night we start with a warm up, jogging around the field outside the clubrooms and doing stretching exercises, at 6pm. Then at 6:15pm we go across to the Caledonian for about an hour of practice. Each week, each age grade spends 20 minutes practicing each of 3 different disciplines according to a weekly roster.

There is training for relays, sprints, middle distance, high jump, long jump, discus, shot and hurdles.

Depending on how many children are interested, there will be a 30-minute supervised run around the Logan Park area for 12–14 year old children starting at 5:45pm if children want to take up this option; they should be back in time for the first practice at the Caledonian.

If the weather is bad, cancellations will also be sent out by email, or alternatively you can check our Facebook page.


Interclub track and field competition is held on most Saturdays (9:00am-midday) at the Caledonian over the summer season. Attendance at interclub competitions is voluntary.

Competition times and dates are published in the Otago Daily Times Sports Draw Section under Athletics in Thursday’s paper. Look for Hill City-University Children’s Section or Otago Children’s.

The club provides singlet tops to athletes involved in interclub competition, athletes are required to wear their own black shorts to complete the club uniform. If your child wants to wear anything that shows under their singlet it must be either plain black, or plain white (this is strictly enforced at the Colgate Games).

The age for the season is set at the age on 31 December 2019. Age on this day determines athlete’s grade for the whole season.

Competitions through the season include:

  • Paape Cup: A one-day event on Sunday 17 November 2019 10:00am to 4:00pm, run in conjunction with the Otago Caledonian Society. A maximum of 4 individual events plus relay. Numbers are restricted and the club selects events that athletes compete in. Please note that because numbers are limited some children may not be able to compete.
  • SBS Mini Multis (mini pentathlon): Over two days over two weekends in November. Individual athletes can enter up to 4 events and we will enter as many teams as possible in club relay teams.
  • Colgate Games: South Island Colgate Games will take place in Nelson from 15-17 January 2021. North Island Colgate Games will take place in Taranaki 08-10 January 2021.
  • Otago Championships: This is a weekend competition held at the Caledonian Ground 10:00am-4:00pm TBC February 2021.
  • 7-11 Team Meeting: An all-day grade (Details to be confirmed)
  • Colgate Interprovincials: A grade 12/13 meeting between all provinces April 2021, Whanganui.


Email hillcitychildrens@gmail.com

The fees include club and controlling organisation memberships for all athletes. For competing athletes, there is free hire of a club singlet, eligibility to compete at interclub competitions and the Colgate Games, as well as the opportunity to be selected in Otago representative teams.

All fees can be paid by when registering online at:

Online payment for Children’s Athletics

Competitive Athlete – 6yrs to 14yrs
(Tuesday club nights and eligible for all competitions)
Social Athlete
(Tuesday club nights only)

The same race numbers are assigned to athletes each season. It is intended that the ‘pin–on’ number is to be re-used each season. Official replacement numbers can be printed for a $5.00 fee. Please contact a committee member to arrange this. Payment by cash, please.

No refunds will be given after the third week of the season to any members.

Trial period

If you are unsure about joining, the first Saturday meeting is a non-competition ‘Ribbon Day’ and generally the next Saturday morning competition can be tried on a 1-day registration at no charge.

Also, we will allow you to come to the first 2 training nights free before having to decide.

Parent Help

Without parent help, we cannot function. Hill City-University is duty club at the shot put each Saturday and competition day and a number of helpers are required.

A roster will be drawn up and you are expected to be available or to have organised a replacement.

Help is also expected of all parents on Tuesday evening training nights. An outline of some of the roles is set out below for further information.

Tuesday night

Supervisors for all age groups (at least 2 for each age supervisors will assist coaches, coordinator plus 6 coaches for run jump throw for 8’s and under).

Coaches for blocks, sprints, middle distance, relays, hurdles, walk, long jump, high jump, discus, shot put, and administration (some of these roles already have volunteers in place).

Saturday mornings

Shot put judges (plus rostered assistants) finish line assistants, help with hurdles (as required).

Other positions

Organising committee (the more the merrier), team managers (Colgate Games), age group managers for Interprovincials.

If you are keen to be involved, we would love to hear from you! It does not matter if you don’t have experience in coaching, there are many different ways that you can help the club while supporting your own children and others. We can help fit you into a role and support you as you become more familiar with the club and activities.

Otago Representative Teams

Grades 12 and 13 have an interprovincial team that is selected for the Colgate Interprovincials in Wanganui, April 2021.

Grades 7–11 are selected to compete in a meeting with neighbouring provinces.

To enable the club to acquit itself effectively, it is important that as many as possible of our registered athletes compete in the Saturday competitions at the Caledonian Ground. This enables the club to field relay teams and improves club spirit.

Courses for Parents

We encourage all parents to get involved in the smooth running of their children’s athletic programme. To improve your skills when assisting at various disciplines, courses are held through the year and are extremely worthwhile. To register or make enquiries, contact:

Karen Palmer
Athletics Otago
Tel 027 649 5657
Email athleticsotago@xtra.co.nz
Website athleticsotago.co.nz

The Run, Jump, Throw course is an ideal introduction for parents who would like to know more about what their children are doing. No previous skills or experience necessary to participate in these courses. Contact Karen for details on the next available course.


The purpose of Tuesday evening is to provide a friendly environment for coaching and training. It can be very difficult for the parents who are coaching and helping, to deal with the misbehaviour of children who are not their own.

If children misbehave they will be warned. If bad behaviour persists after a warning, the parents/caregiver will be advised, and will be expected to help – usually by assisting with the activities involving their child until the problem is resolved.

The discipline steps are:

  1. Warning
  2. Parents/caregiver advised
  3. Suspension from training for one week
  4. Asked to leave the club – no refunds

Health and Wellbeing of Your Children

Please also note that at no time on Tuesday evenings and Saturdays are we to be considered a babysitting service. The health and wellbeing of your children while at athletics is your responsibility. If you are unable to supervise your children, you must arrange adequate supervision.

Childrens Athletics Programme 2020-2021

September29TuesdayRegistration NightClub Rooms5:30-7:00pm
October6TuesdayRegistration NightClub Rooms5:30-7:00pm
13TuesdayClub NightClub Rooms6:00-7:15pm
20TuesdayClub NightClub Rooms6:00-7:15pm
27TuesdayClub NightClub Rooms6:00-7:15pm
November3TuesdayClub NightClub Rooms6:00-7:15pm
10TuesdayClub NightClub Rooms6:00-7:15pm
17TuesdayClub NightClub Rooms6:00-7:15pm
24TuesdayClub NightClub Rooms6:00-7:15pm
December1TuesdayClub NightClub Rooms6:00-7:15pm
8TuesdayClub NightClub Rooms6:00-7:15pm
15TuesdayClub NightClub Rooms6:00-7:15pm
January15-17Friday – SaturdayColgate GamesNelsonAll day
26TuesdayClub NightClub Rooms6:00-7:15pm
February2TuesdayClub NightClub Rooms6:00-7:15pm
9TuesdayClub NightClub Rooms6:00-7:15pm
16TuesdayClub NightClub Rooms6:00-7:15pm
23TuesdayClub NightClub Rooms6:00-7:15pm
March2TuesdayClub NightClub Rooms6:00-7:15pm
9TuesdayClub NightClub Rooms6:00-7:15pm
16TuesdayClub NightClub Rooms6:00-7:15pm
TBCTuesdayPrize GivingCaledonian6:00-8:00pm

Otago Childrens Athletics Programme 2020-2021 Season TBC 2019-2020 Season provided for reference

OctoberSaturday12Ribbon Day(School Holidays) Caledonian9:00-12:00
 Saturday19Interclub Track A Field ACaledonian9:00-12:00
NovemberSaturday2Interclub Track B Field B
Grade 13 & 14 to seniors
 Saturday9SBS Mini-Multi’s (Day 1)Caledonian9:00-12:00
 Sunday17Paape CupCaledonian9:00-12:00
 Saturday23Interclub Track C Field ACaledonian9:00-12:00
 Saturday30SBS Mini-Multi’s (Day 2)Caledonian9:00-12:00
DecemberSaturday7Interclub Track A FieldCaledonian9:00-12:00
 Saturday14Interclub Modified
With seniors Otago Champ Medley Relays
JanuaryFri/Sat/Sun10/11/12N.I. Colgate GamesTaranakiAll day
 Friday17S. I. Colgate GamesChristchurchAll day
 Saturday18S. I. Colgate GamesChristchurchAll day
 Sunday19S. I. Colgate GamesChristchurchAll day
 Sunday25South Is Youth TeamsTimaruAll day
FebruarySunday2Interclub Track C Field BTimaru9:00-12:00
 Saturday8Interclub Track A Field ACaledonian9:00-12:00
 Sunday15Otago ChampsCaledonian9:00-4:00
 Saturday16Otago ChampsCaledonian9:00-4:00
MarchSunday227-11 Team MeetCaledonian10:00-4:00
Grade 12 and 13 Team Meeting
AucklandAll day

Otago Children’s Athletics Season Programme 2019-2020

(Guide only – subject to change)

Field Programme A  Field Programme B 
GradeEventEvent GradeEventEvent
7Kit/VortexShot Put 7Long JumpDiscus
8Long JumpDiscus 8Kit/VortexShot Put
9Shot PutHJ/Vortex 9DiscusLong Jump
10Long JumpDiscus 10High JumpShot Put
11High JumpDiscus 11Long JumpShot Put
12Shot PutLong Jump 12DiscusHigh Jump
13DiscusHigh Jump 13Shot PutLong Jump
14Long JumpShot Put 14DiscusHigh Jump
 Track A Track B Track C 
7,8,960m & 80m 100m & Track Relay200m & Kit Relay
10-14Race Walk on Alternate Interclub weeks