Track and Field at Hill City–University

Hill City–University has a strong track and field section. Members compete in local meetings held on the Caledonian ground next to the Logan Park clubrooms, in various track and field events based on alternating programmes.

Competitions are held most Saturdays between October and March.


Name Number Email
Marion Harris 453 1980
Howden Finnie 479 2656 or
027 433 2341

Race information

The 2021-2022 starts October, at the Caledonian, Logan Park.

All athletes competing in interclub meetings must be wearing correct club uniform, i.e. club singlet/crop-top and black shorts/bike pants/leggings with competition number attached to front of top. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from events.

If you have forgotten your number you can get a temporary one from the lower control room, this must be returned before you leave. If you have lost your number please advise Marion so a new one can be issued.

Contact Marion if you require a club singlet, cost $40 Students, $45 standard. Online payment will be advised at time of purchase.


Please see the draft 2021/2022 programme. All information regarding the season and weekly programmes can be viewed online on Athletics Otago website and timed, weekly interclub meeting details will be available in ODT Sports Draws on Thursdays.

Payment information

See Athletics Otago for online payment of fees.


Athletes requiring coaching contact either Marion, Track, or Howden, Field.

Application for funding and grants

Honours list

Visit the Honours list page to see the past Club Presidents and club captains:
Hill City–University Honours list