Shunters and Grunters Relay 2023

You are invited to take part in a social fun day for members and non-members.


This is a 4 person relay along the Historic Otago Central Rail Trail.

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Entries close at 5:00 pm on Monday 17 April.


The start of the relay is from the old Hyde Railway Station to the Waipiata Railway Station (Tavern).


Saturday 22 April, Leaving Dunedin at 9:30 am, 11:15 am Start time. Returning to Dunedin at 2:00 pm (leaving Waipiata).


We will be looking to utilise members’ vehicles. Anyone wishing to volunteer to drive would be appreciated. Please let us know if you’re able to help when you complete the online entry form.


We need people to register interest as soon as possible by completing the form here:

We will allocate teams so that all teams finish as close as possible to each other. Allocated teams shall be mixed between clubs and unregistered athletes.

If you wish to enter your own team/run it individually, or cycle it, then you will not be eligible for the title of champion Shunters and Grunters.

The aim of this event is to have fun and experience one of Otago’s most stunning running environments.

We will hold the prize giving at the infamous Waipiata Tavern, where people can have a drink and a snack.

Lap 1

Hyde Railway Station to Tiroiti, 8km, Flat with gentle rise to finish.

Leg 1:

Run 1.6km to Hyde township and continue on over rail-bridge. After covering 5.3km negotiate your way through long rail tunnel. The slightly curved Hyde Tunnel at 151 metres long gets pretty dark in the middle section (lights encouraged). The basalt based Hyde Tunnel is the only completely bricked tunnel on the Trail.

At 6km runners cross a 91 meter long bridge which is 32 meters above the Taieri River. There must be no more than 5 runners at any time on the bridge and no bungy jumping is allowed.

The Capburn Railway Bridge is 40 metres in length and 7 metres in height.

The first change is reached after running over Tiroiti bridge and arriving at the shed positioned just before the intersection of the main road with Horseburn Road.

Lap 2

Tiroiti to Daisybank, 5.0km, mainly flat, some slight undulations.

Leg 2:

Several single width gates to run through. Finish lap by crossing main highway and changing alongside beware sign. Extreme care must be taken when crossing the road. A Marshal will be in attendance to signal runners when to cross.

Lap 3

Daisybank to Kokonga, 4.2km, flat with some uphill and downhill undulations.

Leg 3:

The main feature of this lap is that there are two standard width farm gates to clamber over during the final Kilometer. Observe the pitted volcanic rocks blown from the extinct Flat Cap Volcano beside the trail. The second of these gates marks the completion of the lap.

Lap 4

Kokonga to Waipiata, 9.3km, Mainly flat with gradual 500m climb before downhill descent to finish.

Leg 4:

Those with a passion for bridges will enjoy fast footing it across the 97 meter long Waipiata bridge before tackling the only challenging uphill section of the entire relay. The 97m long and 6m high Taieri River Rail Bridge is the only crossing of the Taieri River on the Rail Trail. The relay ends at the rail-head opposite the Waipiata Tavern.


Leg 1 – 8km, Caden Shields (33.04), Tania Smellie (32.48)

Leg 2 – 5km Kevin Murphy (20.10), Anna Frost (20.43)

Leg 3 – 4.2km Flynn Morris Clarke (415.27), Jo Murdoch (18.50)

Leg 4 – 9.2km Geoff Spillane (31.24), Mary Davies (38.26)

Overall course record: (2003) Caden Shields, Kevin Murphy, Teri Moore, Jeff Spillane (1:42.54).


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