TK Cowan 2022

TK Cowan History

In the past the Presbyterian, Dunlaider, and Mornington Running clubs each held an annual event. They would all invite the other two clubs to their event to compete. Runners were tough back then, and the clubs aimed to make the courses as challenging as they could.

The TK Cowan Race was created by the Presbyterian Harrier Club. This race has it all. Road, Grass, Mud, Gravel, Sand, and hills.

This event brought the three clubs together, and eventually through the positive relationships that it fostered, it led to the amalgamation of the three clubs. Forming Hill City.

The Next club merger was with the University Harrier and Multisport Club. The unification of the 4 clubs now forms the Hill City-University Athletic Club.

The TK Cowan is named after an influential runner from the Presbyterian Harrier Club. As a community we are proud that the Cowan family has become a prominent, intergenerational, and well respected family of runners at Hill City-University.

Race Details

Ocean Grove, Tomahawk Domain Hall 04 June 2022

The hall will be open from 1:30pm.

All events Start at 2:15pm

The TK Cowan has various race options to cater for all. All events are handicapped, with the aim that all runners finish at the same time. This event is free to all participants.

Entries close Wednesday 01st June (for handicapping purposes). However, late entries will be accepted after 01st.


Race 1: 3km:

Race 2: 5km: 

Race 3: 8km: 

Pervious Winners

1963-2020 Winners

2020 Winner Merrilee Cowan pictured with Life member and father Bruce Cowan
(son of TK Cowan)

Challenging the sand dune

Climbing the sand dune into the bushes is notoriously challenging. This video provides a short example of the difficult section.