HCU update 20th April 2017

Hi everybody,

I hope you all had a great Easter break, it was fantastic to see so many at the club rooms for a run/walk in the sun last weekend, lots of happy faces to enjoy our first 3.15pm heads or tails game, what great fun that was. Congratulations to Cathy, our first winner, and to Bruce Beath for the great idea.

Already our running calendar is getting busy, here are a few things coming up. And a link to the event description from our website for a little extra information, https://hillcity.org.nz/harrier-season-summary/ Thanks to Mike Wakelin for making this for us.

Dont forget to get online and get your registration sorted as soon as possible please, and ask on Saturday about purchasing your club singlet ready for the Lovelock Relays.

Lovelocks: The trials for Lovelocks are this Saturday at our normal club time. If you want to be in a team, but cant be here for the trial, please email us and we can put you in a team. This is a great competitive event, but also we put social and kids teams in, so there is something for everyone. The Lovelocks are held on the 6th May.

There will be a club run/walk following this dependent on time, but the walkers, and kids will still head out. Cathy will take our ever growing kids group out this week:)

Millennium Track: Club outing to Henley to run.walk the Millennium track. This is on the 27th May, so get your name down, and let us know if you want to bring friends or family to join us. Only $5 each.

All the best of luck to our members heading off to the World Masters Games starting this weekend, keep us posted on how you go.