Ponydales 2018

Hi everyone,

Here are the details about the “ponydales” cross country relays this Saturday. These are held at the Ponyclub on 3 mile hill, just beyond Ashburn Hall on Taieri Road. If you need transport, can you please either arange this via the post on the facebook page, or give Helen a call/text on 0276758662.

Dont forget your club singlet, and $10 entry. For those not racing, you could head out for a run or walk from here too, or come along and cheer your clubmates on. We will have our Hill City Uni flag up so you know where to find a friendly face if you are unsure of where to go. It gets pretty cool up there sometimes, so bring something warm, and something to share for a rolling afternoon tea too if you can.

Programme of Events:

12.45pm Race 1 Masters Men and Youth men U18: 4 x 2000m

1.30pm Race 2 Open Women, Masters Women, Social/Mixed, Youth Women U18: 4 x 2000m

2.15pm Race 3 Boys & Girls Under 7 1 lap of paddock, individual race (No entry fees, enter on the day)

2.25pm Race 4 Primary & Intermediate School, Boys and Girls 7+:  4 x 650m (No entry fees)

2.40pm Race 5 Open Men 4 x 2650 metres (1 lap of children’s course, then 1 lap of 2km course)


Hill City- Uni -1 SM Alistair Richardson, Kirk Madgwick, Drew Cairney, Matthew Ogle

Hill City- Uni -2 SM Harley Paterson, Tim Dawbin, Alex Gorrie, Josh Hou
Hill City- Uni- 3 SM Will Scharpf, Ollie O’Sullivan, Chad Butson, George Bates
Hill City- Uni -4 SW Rebecca Allnutt, Aly Craigie, Bella Bloomfield, Lorna Pairman
Hill City- Uni -5 MW Anna Frost, Sarah Rhodes, Shireen Crumpton, Taryn McLeod
Hill City- Uni -6 MM Steve Bloomfield, Simon Rhodes, Richard Fogarty, Stafford Thompson Res: Kerrin Williams
Hill City- Uni -7 Social  Amy Hickling, Brittany Butler, Cilla Dickinson, Michaela Walker
Hill City- Uni -8 Social  Erin Conway, Emma Doyle, Georgy Pakeho, David Mackle
Hill City- Uni -9 Junior men U18 Jake Owen, George Hamilton, Lachlan Crumpton, Fergus Oberlin-Brown
Hill City- Uni -10 Junior women U18 Caitlin Butson, Anya Rhodes, Lila Rhodes, Ella Hou
Hill City- Uni -11 Kids 7+ Archie Rhodes, Guthrie Wakelin, Magnus Pakeho, Isaac Thompson
Hill City Uni- 12 Kids 7+ Luka Mirosa, Mateo Mirosa, Kotomiyo Cowell, Zara Geddes
Hill City Uni -13 Kids 7+ Marley Thompson, Lily Falcous, Rosie Falcous, Someone

As you can see we need another child, so if you know someone who would like to run as 7+ child, let Helen or Sarah know on the day please. If Ive missed you out please get in touch, Ill try to sort that out.

Have a LOT of fun, I wont be there unfortunately, its one of favourites!! Go Hill City University!!