Hill City-Uni success at the Dunedin Marathon 2018

Hill City-University members were out in force contesting the various races held in conjunction with the Dunedin Marathon. In the featured NZ Half Marathon Championship  Senior Men’s race Jared Monk and Joshua Baan continued their good  recent form  finishing 3rd and 4th respectively in good times of  !:10.15 secs and !: 10. 29secs. This race was a hotly contested with some top runners from around the country taking part.  Well done also  Christopher Mills who surprised with is 7th placing in 1:14.11secs and Tim Bolter who won the Men’s 40-45 section in a time of 1:18.05.

One of the highlights of the day was the performance of Barbara Patrick who finished 1st in the women’s 70-74 section. Barbara slipped in under the radar to break a New Zealand fastest time record for the distance. Sensing a record could be within  her grasp she let loose with a withering finishing sprint bringing her to the finish line in 1:54.55  just beating a long held national record from 2004 by 1 second.

The marathon was a triumph for Romain Mirosa whose determination and fitness    over the latter half of the race   proved to be too much for his competitors to match. Congratulations to Romain who finished well ahead in a time of 2:38.38secs.  For determination it would be hard to match that of Morris Hall who completed his 31st Dunedin Marathon and 56th personal marathon by finishing in 21st place in the Men’s 50+ section in a time of 5:12.50secs.

Cathy Weatherston typifies the perennial runner who has taken part in these races for personal achievement, satisfaction and fun for many years. Cathy this year finished 7th in the 10K race in the women’s 50+ section in a time of 1:02.40secs. Cathy’s father was the first patron of the Hill City club.  Oli Chignell Senior Men; Stephen Bloomfield Men’s 50+ and Taryn McLean Senior Women’s and Women 35-39 were all successful in winning their sections of this race.

Oli  Chignell passed up the opportunity to add a fourth national title to his collection for the year electing instead the 10K event which he won in a the very good time of 32:44 secs. Simon Cromarty also impressed with a very good time of 34:26 for third place.

Other Hill City –University members whose performances are worthy of noting include: Alistair Richardson 6th SM, Robbie Johnston 1st VM50+, Cilla Dickenson 6th VW 50+, Emma Doyle 40th SW, and Brigid O’Neill 194 SW (Open Half Marathon);  Jake Owen 11th SM, Luke Geddes 13th SM, Shea Darwen 17th SM (10K Race); and James Matthews 11th SM, Thomas Hadley 14th  SM, Gordon  Tocher 3rd VM 55-59, Aly Craigie 3rd SW  in the NZ Half Marathon Championship.

Well done to all involved in organizing this mammoth event.  It gets better every year.

Bruce Beath