Lovelock Relays 2023

2023 Results

Enter teams here:

Entries close on Monday 24 April at 5:00 pm.

N.B. Masters athletes must be 35+ on the day of the race. Runners’ age for other age categories are taken on the 31st of December 2023- i.e., how old will the athlete be by the end of the year?

If your club or Hall of Residence has (additional) people who want to participate, or people who will ‘do it if it completes a relay team’, but not enough to make a complete team, please email before Monday 24 April at 5:00 pm with their details and we can make composite teams allowing more people to be involved.

For Hill City-University athletes: Register for a Team Here

For club/ team managers: Enter Teams Here

Key Event Info

Date: Saturday, 29th April 2023

Location: University Oval, Main Ground, Logan Park, Dunedin.

Provisional Timetable

Race 1:      1:00 pm – Social/ Mixed

Race 2:      1:40 pm – Under 12/ Primary School

Race 3:      1:55 pm – Mixed Otago University Residential College, Secondary school aged

Race 4:      2:25 pm – Senior Women,

Race 5:      2:55 pm – Masters Men (35+), Masters Women (35+)

Race 6:      3:20 pm – Senior Men

Prize Giving:

Prize giving will be held at the end of each race. Trophies are to be presented
to the winning teams in the Men’s and Women’s A grades, the winning master’s Men’s team, and the fastest individual man and woman.

Team Changes

Must be done on the Team Change sheets provided & handed to the computer operators not less than 30 mins prior to the race start.

Lap Stewards

Please notify officials when your runners are about to change/team is finishing.

Fill in the Lap Steward cards provided & return them along with ALL race numbers ASAP after each race.

Entry Fees

Entry fees are $10 per person. Kids are free!

Team captains are to collect money and return with race numbers.


Will be emailed to clubs and halls of residence, included in the ODT, and posted on our website:; Copies may be available at Prize Giving.

2023 Results

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2023 Programme

Team Changes Form

Timing Sheet


Please email We are always looking for ideas to make the event more successful.