Ponydale Relay teams 2013

The Ponydale Relays are on this Saturday. Below are the relay teams:

HCU1 G12u: Fiona Schutz, Jesika Sebelin, Sam Bixley (C), TBA
HCU2 B12u: Theo Molteno (C), Oliver Bixley, Linus Molteno, Matthew Sebelin
HCU3 B16u: Ben Wardhaugh, Oliver Chignell (C), Matthew Ogle, Oliver Molteno
HCU4 MM35: Kerrin Williams, Matt Bixley, Mark Chignell (C), Stephen Bloomfield
HCU5 MM35: Dave Cross (C), Tim Molteno, Andrew Jamieson, TBA
HCU6 MW: Anne Bixley, Sally Chatres (C), Johanna Eiriksdottir, Helen Chignell
HCU7 SM: Oliver O’Sullivan, Elliot O’Sullivan (C), Alex Sims, Chris Brooks
HCU8 SM: Sam Bremer (C), Ray Wang, Alistair Richardson, Glen Chisholm
HCU9 SW: Rebekah Greene, Kirsty O’Sullivan, Shauna Pali (C), Hannah Adamson
HCU10 SW: Shireen Crumpton, Emma Lloyd (C), Jessie Murphy, Meg McKay
HCU11 SW: Bella Bloomfield (C), Deb Lynch, Rose Stam, Mary Gray
HCU12 Social: Chris Cowan (C), David Mackle, Merrilee Williams, Amanda Church
HCU13 Social: Sarah Saunders Warner, Nadia Mc Donnell, Michael Ogle (C), TBA

If you are not here and think you should be or can fill one of the gaps please reply to this email!! Its a great event and lots of fun.

Check out the links below for course information and race times etc:

Each team has a captain. If you have a (C) next to your name this is you (!) and you are responsible for getting $10 off each of your team mates. Race packs will be collected from a Hill City Representative – details to follow and must be returned with the $40 and all four numbers.

Extra reminder: Bring $10 cash with you to the event!!
There is usually a nice BBQ too so bring a little extra for a sausage!

Good luck and lets continue the winning start to the season!