Club run 16 July

Saturday 16th July – there will be a club run and walk from our Clubrooms at Logan Park, HCU is hosting the Caversham club.

Please meet at 1:30pm with a briefing at 1:45pm and bring a plate for afternoon tea.

Otago cross country champs

Members who want to enter the Otago Cross Country champs please refer to Athletics Otago website for entry details.

Peninsula relays

Members who want to be in included in Peninsula Relay teams are to email by July 22nd.

Ponydales 2016 teams

Below are our teams for the Ponydale Relays this Saturday.

If for some reason you can no longer run – please let us know now!

Captains for the day are highlighted in bold and can collect the teams race pack from Trish by the HCU flag (1 helper needed please email back if you can help with this).

It is your responsibility to collect $10 from your team members and return money and race numbers to Trish.

NB: The Clubrooms will not be open this Saturday.

If you need a club singlet or have any other queries, please email back.

Thanks Trish



  1. Tim Bolter, Richard Fogarty, Steve Bloomfield, Mike Wakelin
  2. Karl Thomson, Phil Bremer, Mark Konijn, Warren Scott
  3. Paul Ferro, Paul O’Neill, Steve Pinker, TBA


  1. Sam O’Kane, Campbell Neilson, Willam Scharpf, Josh Hou



  1. Jean Kozyniak, Bella Bloomfield, Sabrina Grogan, Kirsty O’Sullivan
  2. Mary Gray, Shireen Crumpton, Jenna Thorne, Nicky Ferro


  1. Sarah Saunderson Warner, Cathy Weatherston, Jack Bloomfield, Kate Spenceley  Dave Mackle (reserve)
  2. Ollie Bixley, Sam Bixley, Anne Bixley, Matt Bixley


Under 7’s  – no entry fee

(enter on the day)


Under 13’s – no entry fee

  1. Ella Hou, Charlotte Byers, Emma Neilson, Jesika Sebelin
  2. Matthew Sebelin, Poppy Annison, Guthrie Wakelin, Lachlan Crumpton



  1. Sam Bremer, Jared Monk, Kirk Madgwick, Ollie Chignell
  2. Andy Pohl, Luuk Wijering, Matthew Ogle, Tom Spencer
  3. Robbie Johnston, Alistair Richardson, Chris Jones, Oliver O’Sullivan
  4. Elliot O’Sullivan, Lochie Chittock, Stafford Thompson, TBA

Lovelock HCU teams 2016

Below are the HCU teams for Lovelocks Relays this Saturday which is being held this year on the University Oval No 2 ground which is right outside our Clubrooms where our trial was held.

If for some reason you are no longer able to run or your name isn’t listed please email us back now.

Remember $5 to your team captain – except Primary race runners which are free.

A plate for afternoon tea.

Wear your HCU singlet – see Jane if you don’t have one.

PLEASE arrive at least half an hour before your race and check in with your team captain who will have your race number.

All Primary School runners check in with Shireen.

Looking forward to another successful Lovelock Relay.


George Hamilton
Ella Hou
Alex Warlow
Jesika Sebelin

Charlotte Byers
Henry Te Morenga Wakelin
Guthrie Wakelin
Emma Neilson

Jack Murphy
Gabe Murphy
Lachlan Crumpton
Poppy Annison

Marley Thompson
Iasac Thompson
Olivia Hepburn
Esme Thompson

Jock MacMillan
Campbell MacMillan
Amelie Warlow
Joey Annison
Briar Henwood

High School

Josh Hou – Captain
Sam O’Kane
Oscar Te-Morenga Wakelin
William Scharpf

Senior men

Jarrod Monk
Kirk Madgwick
Tom Spencer
Oliver Chignell
Sam Bremer – Captain
Caden Shields

Harry Delany
Luuk Wijering
Chris Jones
Ben Wardhaugh – Captain
Jack Bloomfield
Matt Ogle

res: Cameron McNoe

Senior women

Jean Kozyniak
Shireen Crumpton – Captain
Bella Bloomfield
Sabrina Grogan

Jenna Thorne
Louise Darwin
Rose Stamm
Kirsty O’Sullivan – Captain

res: Rebecca Allnutt

Masters mens

Robbie Johnston
Jason Henwood
Steve Bloomfield
Mike Wakelin – Captain

Dwayne Sheddan
Richard Fogarty
Warren Scott
Mark Chignell – Captain

Karl Thomson
Stephen Pinker – Captain
Mark Konijn
Steve Wakelin


Barbara Patrick
Keith Weatherston
Chris Mitchell
Dave Mackle – Captain

Morris Hall
Cathy Weatherston – Captain
Kate Spencely
Phil Morris

res: Ivan Pali

Teams for the 2015 Peninsula Relay

Below are the 5 HCU teams for the Peninsula Relays this Saturday. The teams are listed in running order. As you can see we are still one runner short.

Email now if you can run or if for some reason you are no longer available or if you can marshall.

Those marked (c) are our captains for the day. Watch out for another email tonight with instructions for the day. Go HCU!

  1. A. Lynch, M. Ogle, M. Wakelin, O. Chignell (c), T. Spencer, J. Monk
  2. B. Bloomfiled, R. Stamm, S. Lynch, S. Bloomfield(c), L. Darwin, S. Grogan
  3. K. O’Sullivan, T. Bolter, E. O’Sullivan, S. Crumpton(c), I. Pali, R. Fogarty
  4. D. Mackle, B. Patrick, M. Hall, C. Weatherston(c), M. Rough, S. Saunderson-Warner
  5. B. Wardhaugh, tbc,C. McNoe, J. Beamish(c), S. Bremer, S. Pali

Start and finish at Portobello. Read the lap description and road safety instructions.

Peninsula Relay teams 2014


Matthew Ogle U18
Kirk Madgwick U20
Bella Bloomfield SW
Ben Wardhaugh u18
Rose Stamm SW
Jessie Murphy u18


Steve Pinker MM50
Myrtle Rough MW50
Andrew Jamieson MM35
Dwayne Sheddan SM
Barbara Patrick MW50
Charlotte Homan U20


Alex McEwan MM35
David Mackle MM50
Phil Bremer MM50
Sarah Saunderson Warner SW
Malcolm Hammond MM50
John Maguire MM50

At this stage we don’t know what time our teams are going off but the slowest team will be at 11.30am from the start line on John Wilson Drive. Please report to your captain, highlighted in yellow, at the start line at 11am.

The order listed is the running order for the race and you must run these legs as this is how you have been handicapped.

Please visit the Athletics Otago website  for all further details regarding the race.

Please note the prizegiving and afternoon tea will be at the Portobello Hall at the completion of the race – Please bring a plate of food to share.


Ponydale relays: teams

p&I – 1 Matthew Sebelin Campbell Nielson Alex Warlow William Schapf Johnny O’Neill
p&I – 2 Sam Bixley Annelise Scharpf Jesika Sebelin Oliver Bixley
mu18 – 1 Ben Wardhaugh u19 Lochie Chittock u18 Matthew Ogle u18 Oliver Chignell u18
sm/u20 – 1 Joe Beamish u20 Keiran Cody sm Josh Campbell sm Andrew Pohl sm
sm/u20 – 2 Aaron Lynch u20 Kegan Gilmore sm Elliot O’Sullivan sm Oliver O’Sullivan sm
sw/u20 -1 Christina Taylor sw Kirsty O’Sullivan sw Bella Bloomfield sw Susannah Lynch wu20
sw/u20 – 2 Hannah Adamson sw Katrina Andrew sw Mary Gray sw Deb Lynch sw
sw/u20 – 3 Rose Stamm sw Rebecca Allnutt sw Julia Hunt sw Charlotte Homan wu20
mm – 1 Kerrin Williams mm Ian Graham mm Stephen Bloomfield m50 Mike Wakelin mm
mm – 2 Eric Sharpf mm Mark Chignell mm Murray Gray mm50 Adrian Christie mm
mm – 3 Andrew Jamieson m50 Martin Watt mm50 John Maguire m50 David Mackle m50
mw – 1 Ann Bixley mw Myrtle Rough m50 Sally Warlow mw Amanda Church mw