Teams for the 2015 Peninsula Relay

Below are the 5 HCU teams for the Peninsula Relays this Saturday. The teams are listed in running order. As you can see we are still one runner short.

Email now if you can run or if for some reason you are no longer available or if you can marshall.

Those marked (c) are our captains for the day. Watch out for another email tonight with instructions for the day. Go HCU!

  1. A. Lynch, M. Ogle, M. Wakelin, O. Chignell (c), T. Spencer, J. Monk
  2. B. Bloomfiled, R. Stamm, S. Lynch, S. Bloomfield(c), L. Darwin, S. Grogan
  3. K. O’Sullivan, T. Bolter, E. O’Sullivan, S. Crumpton(c), I. Pali, R. Fogarty
  4. D. Mackle, B. Patrick, M. Hall, C. Weatherston(c), M. Rough, S. Saunderson-Warner
  5. B. Wardhaugh, tbc,C. McNoe, J. Beamish(c), S. Bremer, S. Pali

Start and finish at Portobello. Read the lap description and road safety instructions.