Club Run Summary: 20th June

Medium Pack (Tim)

We had a good-sized medium pack including several new faces which was great. This week, we turned left at Butts Road and continued straight along Dundas Street until we turned right at George Street.
Then we (mostly) ran up Warrender Street which got our lungs working and helped wake up those of us not used to running in the mornings. Next, we turned right at Queens Drive, completing an ‘outer lap’ of Prospect park before continuing down Queens Drive through the town belt.

After passing Moana pool, we continued along Queens Drive above the Littlebourne Grounds/ Otago Boys High School before beginning our return at the Arthur Street Playground.

We followed Arthur Street through to London Street before running down Frederick Street until the very end. Finally, we ran along Anzac Avenue before some strode out along Logan Park Drive back to the clubrooms. This run was 9.03 km in total.

There were plenty of stops along the way to regroup, chat, and enjoy the scenery. A very enjoyable morning group run before some welcomed tea, coffee, and breakfast.

Fast pack (Ollie)

This week we had our first morning club run. It was great to see some new faces at the club, and positive feedback.

The fast pack consisted of (Oli Chignell, Simon Cromarty, Stephen Bloomfield, Matt Bolter, and Ollie & Elliot O’Sullivan).

The run went out on the cycleway to Mia, and back along the Port Chalmers Road to Logan Park.

At this point Matt Bolter split off, to impressively add in a Big Easy loop. Stephen completed an extra lap of Logan Park (no doubt at a blistering speed), and the rest of us hit the Caledonian track to admire Oli Chignell smashing out some exceptionally fast 1km reps. 1 hour 5minute total run.

Oli has been tasked with contributing to the Athletics NZ Instagram/Facebook page for the day, so if you wish to see more regarding what he has been up to, then Athletics NZ Instagram is the perfect spot to see some more details.

This week’s topics of conversation included the social benefits of group running, injury recovery, overseas racing, the upcoming local race calendar, and varying diets for health and performance optimisation.

Post run we all enjoyed a bite to eat, a coffee or two, and for some a sneaky can of Coke.

Scenic Pack (Helen)

Six lovely ladies and one very cute pooch headed off in the scenic pack of runners. We ran through the gardens then into Woodhaugh before tackling the climb up to the Ross Creek Reservoir. After a quick regroup and chat with a friendly familiar runner we opted for a lap of the reservoir before heading back down the very steep path and back to the clubrooms for breakfast. There was lots of good chat and time for everyone to catch up. It was really good to try the morning run and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Thank you all.