Edmond Cup 2022 Results


1Oliver O’SullivanHill City USeniorMale16:07.0
2Jake OwenHill City UUnder 18Male16:27.0
3Finn MolloyHill City USeniorMale16:33.0
4Joel CarmanHill City USeniorMale16:47.0
5Nathan ShanksCavershaSeniorMale16:51.0
6Corey LewisLeithSeniorMale17:10.0
7Matthew BolterHill City UUnder 18Male17:16.0
8Josh HouHill City UUnder 20Male17:30.0
9Leon MiyaharaCavershaSeniorMale17:43.0
10Danny BaillieLeithMasters 5Male17:57.0
11Elliot O’SullivanHill City UMasters 3Male18:06.0
12Richard CampbellLeithMasters 3Male18:07.0
13Zara GeddesHill City UUnder 18Female18:34.0
14Glen McskimmingArikiMasters 5Male19:43.0
15Margie CampbellHill City USeniorFemale19:49.0
16Bryan StauntonLeithSeniorMale20:10.0
17Jennifer WalkerArikiMasters 3Female20:15.0
18Laura BungardCavershaSeniorFemale20:19.0
19Stephen BloomfieldHill City UMasters 5Male20:46.0
20Olivia Mclachlan Under 18Female21:01.0
21Richard FogartyHill City UMasters 5Male21:20.0
22Timothy DawbinHill City USeniorMale21:34.0
23Claire AndertonCavershaMasters 3Female21:37.0
24Geoff AndersonCavershaMasters 5Male21:52.0
25Sophie ShallardCavershaUnder 20Female21:53.0
26Chris SoleLeithMasters 5Male21:54.0
27Eric ScharpfHill City UMasters 5Male21:59.0
28Georgina PakehoHill City UMasters 3Female22:00.0
29Lydia PattilloLeithSeniorFemale22:08.0
30Bella Bloomfield SeniorFemale22:12.0
31Donald Bate Masters 5Male22:27.0
32Claudia SoleLeithSeniorFemale23:09.0
33Christine MontgomeryLeithMasters 5Female23:30.0
34Jordy FogartyHill City USeniorFemale23:34.0
35Phil NapperArikiMasters 5Male23:58.0
36Philip MorrisHill City UMasters 5Male24:09.0
37Marc BoulleLeithMasters 5Male24:35.0
38Robert HomanCivil ServiMasters 5Male24:50.0
39Gracie YoungCavershaUnder 18Female25:09.0
40Evelyn ArmstrongCavershaMasters 5Female25:28.0
41Oliver YoungCavershaUnder 20Male25:30.0
42Riley HomanLeithSeniorFemale25:48.0
43Richard YoungCavershaMasters 5Male26:11.0
44Steve SmithCavershaMasters 5Male26:19.0
45Dave McLeanLeithMasters 5Male27:07.0
46Barbara PatrickHill City UMasters 5Female27:10.0
47Nicholas HengCavershaMasters 5Male27:57.0
48Neville ShanksCavershaMasters 5Male28:34.0
Andrew LonieLeithMasters 3MaleDNS
Jayden ToomeyCavershaSeniorMaleDNS


PlaceNameTeam nameCategoryGenderTime
1Zac BailleLeithUnder 14Male9:54.0
2Henry HodgsonCavershamUnder 14Male10:00.0
3Melanie ButtonArikiUnder 16Female10:27.0
4Lola SaundersArikiUnder 14Female10:59.0
5Emily-Rose YoungCavershamUnder 16Female11:43.0
6Leo YoungCavershamUnder 14Male12:00.0
7Julia HodgsonCavershamUnder 12Female12:17.0
8Alexander BrownCavershamSeniorMale12:45.0
8Kotomiyo CowellArikiUnder 14Female12:45.0
10Ken FaheyCavershamMasters 50+Male13:36.0
11Alex WalkerHill City UniversityUnder 14Male16:00.0

2022 Barnes 1.25km Results

972Melanie ButtonFemale11:25.50:00.011:25.5
973Josh SiloyMale10:15.11:30.011:45.1
970Henry HodgsonMale11:01.91:15.012:16.9
971Henry EylesMale11:20.81:00.012:20.8
968Charlotte SummersFemaleDNS
969Alex WalkerMaleDNS

2022 Barnes 2.5km results

972Melanie ButtonFemale11:25.50:00.011:25.5
973Josh SiloyMale10:15.11:30.011:45.1
970Henry HodgsonMale11:01.91:15.012:16.9
971Henry EylesMale11:20.81:00.012:20.8
968Charlotte SummersFemaleDNS
969Alex WalkerMaleDNS

2022 Barnes 3.75km Results

973Emily HayFemale18:23.42:00.020:23.4
977Xavier DonnellyMale17:27.53:30.020:57.5
998Zara GeddesFemale14:50.66:15.021:05.6
975Esther FogartyFemale18:22.83:00.021:22.8
919Harry SummersMale15:15.06:45.022:00.0
1000Matheson ColquhounMale15:32.66:45.022:17.6
979Erin MckevittFemale17:28.25:00.022:29.1
970Nicholas HengMale22:12.00:30.022:42.0
971Dalise SandersonFemale22:15.40:30.022:45.4
972Gail SharpFemale21:23.01:30.022:53.0
968Barbara PatrickFemale22:57.50:00.022:57.5
976Jennifer HodgsonFemaleDNS

2022 Barnes 5km Handicap Results

949Liliana BraunFemale20:24.07:00.027:24.01st Fastest Female
944Jayden ToomeyMale21:01.57:00.028:01.5
945Bryan StauntonMale21:15.37:00.028:15.3
948Jennifer WalkerFemale21:22.07:00.028:22.0
956Will SmithMale19:03.69:30.028:34.0
963Jake OwenMale18:04.810:30.028:35.02nd Fastest Male
952Eddie SmithMale20:38.08:00.028:38.0
965Reuben BeardMale17:09.011:30.028:39.01st Fastest Male
950Ken McDonaldMale21:41.07:00.028:41.0
962Nathan ShanksMale18:12.010:30.028:42.03rd Fastest Male
951Becky De La HarpeFemale21:03.07:30.028:43.03rd Fastest Female
941Richard FogartyMale22:44.06:00.028:44.0
960Joel CarmanMale18:17.310:30.028:47.3
953Kristy EylesFemale20:47.98:00.028:47.92nd Fastest Female
978Claire AndertonFemale23:29.85:30.028:59.8
924Siobhan MckinlayFemale26:08.03:00.029:01.0
957Leon MiyaharaMale19:04.610:00.029:04.6
937Dave SharpMale23:07.66:00.029:07.6
946Geoff AndersonMale22:21.87:00.029:21.8
955Jonathan RyanMale19:55.09:30.029:25.0
947Aly CraigieFemale22:05.07:00.029:25.0
959Grayson WestgateMale18:54.710:30.029:24.0
961Matthew BolterMale18:58.010:30.029:28.0
927Chris SoleMale25:28.04:00.029:28.0
935Barry PurtonMale23:31.06:00.029:31.0
936Lydia PattilloFemale23:41.00:00.029:41.0
954Ben PigouMale20:12.49:30.029:42.4
928Claudia SoleFemale25:16.00:00.029:46.0
966Finn MolloyMale18:19.511:30.029:49.5
938Eric ScharpfMale23:51.06:00.029:51.0
964Corey LewisMale18:53.011:00.029:53.0
929Michael FinnieMale24:57.75:00.029:57.7
926Andrew McCaigMale26:00.84:00.030:00.8
920Leia SilbyFemale24:33.55:30.030:03.5
958Josh HouMale20:12.410:00.030:12.4
931Julie WilsonFemale25:17.45:00.030:17.4
923Neville ShanksMale30:24.30:00.030:24.3
925Marc BoulleMale27:30.03:00.030:29.0
922Neville ScottMale32:16.30:00.032:16.3

2022 TK Cowan Results

Line PlaceFirst NameLast NameTotal timeStart timeElapsed timeNotes
2LilianaBraun60:2126:3033:51First HCU woman, Fastest HCU woman
3JoelCarman60:2330:1530:08First HCU man, Second-fastest HCU man
5ShireenCrumpton60:5524:1536:40Second HCU woman, Third-fastest HCU womon
6AlyCraigie61:1824:4536:33Third HCU woman, Second-fastest HCU woman
8BarryPurton61:3823:0038:38Second HCU man
9FinnMolloy61:4132:1529:26Third HCU man, Fastest HCU man
13StephenBloomfield62:2124:3037:51Third-fastest HCU man
5OliverO’Sullivan50:4523:3027:15First HCU man, Fastest HCU man
6ElliotO’Sullivan50:4523:3027:15Second HCU man, Second-fastest HCU man
7BillRichardson56:106:0050:10Third HCU man, Third-fastest HCU man
2LewisAnglemyer28:4815:0013:48First HCU Boy, Fastest HCU boy

Lovelock Relay Race Report

Congratulations to all that took part in the Lovelock Relays last weekend. Race 1: Our Social team of Rebecca Allnutt, Barbara Patrick, Rob Homan (Nee: Civil Service), and a Oliver O’Sullivan won the Social Grade. Rebecca’s time of 5:09 was fastest in the Grade and one of the fastest Female times of the day. This was followed up with a second (and unexpected) impressive run later in the day. It has to be said that Rob Homan looked a complete natural in the Blue and Gold, after he was strongly encouraged to wear a Hill City-University singlet.Race 2: Well done to the Hill City-University children that raced. We had three teams compete and there was some impressive and exciting runs.Race 3: The women were the big standout for the club on Saturday. The Senior Women team of Zara Geddes, Lila Rhodes, Liberty McIntyre Reet, and Liliana Braun withstood the pressure from the fast starting Leith senior women team and went on to claim a well deserved title. Liliana Braun ran the fastest time of the day (5:00) with a commanding performance on leg 4, with Zara One second behind in her time (5:01). Zara ran from the front pushing too hard for fellow competitors on leg 1.

In the Masters woman’s race Leia Silby, Kara Bryant, Georgy Pakeho, and Aly Craigie took first place. Aly recorded fastest time in 5:33, with Georgy third fastest in 5:55. Consistent performances across the legs proved too strong for the competing teams. Race 4: The Masters mens race provided much entertainment. Elliot O’Sullivans battle with Danny Baillie could be considered one of the best races of the day. Danny showing his speed and determination held Elliot off to give Leith the lead while running 3rd fastest masters time. Neale and Simon were the next to battle, with Neale extending the gap slightly. Both running strong legs. Gallien Chanalet-Quercy Had an excellent run against a determined Mark Geddes and build on Leiths lead. Oliver O’Sullivan was on the hunt for Richard Campbell. However, Richard had a great run, running second fastest time of the day and proving far too strong for Oliver to close the gap down. There was to be no tied race against these two this week.Race 5: Hill City-University’s team of Ben Wall, Nico Alvarez Ray-Virag, Jake Owen, Joe Mortimer, Alex Witt, and Joel Carman finished second to the Christchurch’s Whippets team. Ben Wall shocked the crowd and fellow competitors running 3:59 for the first leg and putting Hill City-University into the lead. However, the depth of talent in the whippets was too much for Hill City-University. There were a large number of impressive other performances, and times achieved across the club. Thanks to all that took part.


Photo: Ben Wall extending his lead and running an impressive 3:59 opening leg.

Shunters and Grunters 2022 Results

Leg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4Total Time / Position
Team Donna (19)Meg McKay Stu McCormickHelen CollinsOllie O’Sullivan 1st Equal
Team FMC (6)Lilian Braun Dalise SandersonLara FindlaterRichard Campbell1st Equal
Team Kevo (2)Richard FogartyAnya RhodesBrian WatkinsNathan Shanks3rd
Team John Ed (17)Esther FogartyLesley McCormick Gene SandersonLeia Silby4th
Team Ronnie (5)Jordan FogartyAbby Theobald David MackleMark Geddes5th
Team Pat (11)Ezekiel StewartKen Fahey Sue O’SullivanPhil Morris6th
Team Robin (15)Liberty McIntyre-ReetJohn McDermott Cathy Weatherston Aly Craigie7th
Team Jimmie (1)Paul AndersonLewis AnglemerShona McDonaldTim Dawbin8th
Team Chippa (34)Amanda WaldronKeiran ColumbSandra WintonBen Pigou9th
Team Denis (12)Cilla Dickison John McMeckingJo LittleJosh Lovely10th
Team Ian (7)Brent HalleyJanice HughesHelen Morris/Liz McMeckingMargie Campbell11th
Team Dougie (10)Nick HengPhil BrayAngela HawthorneLeon Miyahara12th
Team Hicks (13)Lila Rhodes Kirsty Van RoyenBruce CowanSarah Rhodes13th

Lovelock Trials Results 2022

Children’s Race

Lewis Anglemyer1:26
George Solomon1:31
Hugh Walker1:33
Isiah Chin1:34
Sammy Walker1:35
Issy Clark2:10

B Grade Race

Aly Craigie5:32
Barry Purton5:38
Caitlin O’Donnell5:39
Eric Scharpf5:49
Georgy Pakeho5:51
Clifford Kelway Pope5:56
Phil Morris6:32
Brent Halley6:34
Dalise Sanderson6:59
Mark Boulle7:00
Barbara Patrick7:24
Myrtle Rough8:29
David Mackle8:56

A Grade Race

Josh Hou4:13
Nico Alvarez Rey-Virag4:14
Corey Lewis4:22
Finn Molloy4:24
Xaviour Walker4:39
Danny Baillie4:43
Elliot O’Sullivan4:44
Tim Dawbin5:06

Welcome to the 2021-2022 Office Bearers

We would like to introduce our elected 2021-2022 office bearers. We have a number of new members join the committee, and we are really excited to bring these new members and ideas into the club management. We look forward to some exciting Athletics and Harriers over the coming 12 months.

PresidentOliver O’Sullivanoliver.osullivan@gmail.com
Immediate Past PresidentRichard Fogartyrichard65fogarty@gmail.com0274324234
TreasurerSimon Rhodeshcyharriers@gmail.com0212715000
SecretaryTim Dawbintdawbin@gmail.com
Track and FieldMarion Harrisharrismk22@gmail.com03 453 1980
Children’s AthleticsSimon Rhodeshillcitychildrens@gmail.com0212715000
Harrier ManagerTBChcyharriers@gmail.com0277518895
Committee MembersLeia Silby
Sophie Hicks
Alyx Day
Mark Geddes
Oli Chignell

HandicapperPhil MorrisTBC
Club PatronsDave Richmond,
Lindsay Dey