Club run summary 22/08/20

Park run group:

After indulging in a delicious REAL coffee, our group left the clubrooms and headed to the Botanical Gardens for an unofficial parkrun. Becky Greene set a blistering pace over the 5km course to show us the way. Lila and Sarah Rhodes enjoyed the less cluttered paths of the usual Saturday parkrun to set a great time also. Tim Dawbin and Dwayne Sheddan were looking forward to their breakfast back at the clubrooms so ran a respectable time so as not to miss out on the bacon and eggs. Lovely Luke Geddes was ably escorted around the course at Merrilee’s pace, now you can put your foot down in your first parkrun after lockdown Luke! Raewyn and Helen had lots to talk about and still managed to make it home with plenty more to discuss, that’s the real reason we run isn’t it?

Breakfast was amazing, thank you so much to Ollie and Amanda, and the entire O’Sullivan clan for catering to our every need. It was a big hit! Bruce Cowan reported having 3 breakfasts, I don’t think he was joking either. 

Looking forward to the next club run, I think we certainly have a winner with the morning club run addition (Merrilee Williams).

Track group:

The track group had a steady warm up, with a couple laps around Logan Park. Oli Chignel and Simon Cromarty cruised some laps of the Caledonian and supported the runners in the track session.

Leia Silby, Georgy Pakeho, Aly Craigie, Phil Morris, Elliot O’Sullivan, Ollie O’Sullivan completed the session of 1200m at 5km pace, 600m at 3km pace, 400m at 1500m pace, and 300m at 800m pace. Was a really fun group session and certainly opened everyone’s lungs up.

This was the first track session for some, and the first in a long time for others. Really nice to complete a different sort of group session (Ollie O’Sullivan).

Time trial group:

Jared Monk led the time trial group with Josh Hou and Finn Molloy. They clipped out a really quick 5km at roughly 3:20km pace. They traveled over the start of the soon to be announced Otago 10km course.

Walking group: TBC