TK cowan, Tuesday training, Shunters and Grunters, and new singlets.

Hi All,

Please see the following updates.

TK cowan: This weekend (05/6/21) we host the TK Cowan handicap race. Please meet at the Tomahawk Domain Hall at 1:30pm for a 2pm estimated start. Race options are 8km, 5km, and a 3km for children. If you wish to enter please email or arrive early on the day to ensure you are handicapped appropriately. We have invited Leith and Ariki, so will hopefully have a few additional runners this weekend. If you are able to volunteer as a marshal please let us know.

Club run evening: Next Tuesday (08/06/21) we have an evening training/club run from the HCU Club rooms. Training options will include a group run/runs, or a 20minute threshold session with a warmup and warm down around Logan Park. If you have questions regarding this please sing out. I (Ollie) will be running at 3:30km pace, so anyone wanting to join in will be appreciated. However, This can be implemented at a suitable speed for your current fitness and we can make sure everyone is accommodated for this session.

Shunters and Grunters: On the 19/06/21 we have the Shunters and Grunters relay from Hyde, please email your expressions of interest for this fun event. We are looking to hire a couple vans and car pool. If you need a lift, or are happy to take a personal vehicle please let us know. Really keen for as many people to be involved in this event as possible. Please see the below Shunters and Grunters details

New Singlets: Today we placed an order for new club singlets. The design is attached. These will be available in approximately 1 month. They are sub4 branded and a super light/breathable material. We will have male and female singlets available for purchase. Please see the below design
For any enquires or questions please contact
Look forward to seeing you all this weekend.