Coming up

Coming up:

Tomorrow Saturday 8 October is the final club run for the winter season.

We will gather at the clubrooms at 1:30 pm and leave at 1:45 pm. We will also have a BBQ afterwards to celebrate the season- contributions are welcomed.

Also on tomorrow is the Athletics Otago track and field opening day for 2022. For more info, see here:

Next Saturday, 15 October, are the Hurring relays. For more info, see here:

NZ Road Relay results, Christchurch, 2022

A particular congratulations to our Junior Men’s team who won third place🥉 in their grade! Well done also to Reuben Beard and Margie Campbell who came 2nd🥈 and 3rd🥉 respectively in their categories- fantastic efforts!

Junior Men 3rd place U 20      1.59.11

Josh Hou                          16.59    13th JMS

Mathew Bolter                17.11   21st JMS

Giles Witt       8km           27.24   21st JM

Reuben Beard   8km        25.09    2nd JM

Nico Alverez Rey Virag    16.29    11th JMS

Jake Owen                         15.59    5th JMS

Senior Women   8th place women’s  A Grade    4.22.04

Margie Campbell              29.36     3rd MW

Leia Silby                            35.07       42rd MW

Liliana Braun                      29.35     20th SW

Zara Geddes                       31.21      12 JW

Aly Craigie                           35.45      46th MW

Erin McKevitt                      33.04      16th JW

Liberty McIntyre-Reet       38.14      119th SW

Sophie Hicks                        29.22       17th SW

Senior Men   4th Place           Men’s B Grade   3.46.47

Joel Carman                        25.18     36th SM

Oliver O’Sullivan                 25.17    3rd MM

Finn Molloy                         27.14     90th SM

Alex Giles                             26.22    68th SM

Ben Condor                         30.03    140th SM

Elliot O’Sullivan                   29.36    86th MM

Mark Geddes                       33.40    149th MM

Luke Geddes                        29.17     131st SM


Rebecca Allnutt                  30.30     34th SW

Liam Chesney                     26.02     59th SM

Russell Green                     25.10     35th SM

Josh Lovely                         26.35    14th JM

Jarod Monk                        24.08     10th SM          

Caden Shields                     24.24     18th SM

Jeff Spillane                        31.19     44th M50

Thanks, Phil Morris for compiling these results!

HCU Photos:

Photos From Ethan Gillespie:

Photos From Greg- Jules Bramwell:

Colin Holmes/Alice Baker Handicap race results 2022

Colin Holmes/Alice Baker Handicap race results 2022

Results (finish place/ time)Handicap/Actual time/ Time placing
David Mackle 1st 40.146.45/33.29
Marie Macrae 2nd 40.525.00/35.52
Simon Rhodes 3rd 44.3226.30/18.02 /m1
Rebecca Allnutt 4th 44.3525.30/19.05 /w1
Barbara Patrick 5th 44.5918.30/26.29 /w3
Eric Scharpf  6th23.45/21.40
45.25 Richard Fogarty 7th 45.3924.30/21.09
Mark Geddes 8th 46.0425.00/20.34 /m2
Luke Geddes 9th 46.0525.30/20.35 /m3
Aly Craigie 10th  47.2625.15/22.11 /w2
Thanks, Phil Morris for these results!

Coming up this week:

The 2022 New Zealand Cross Country Championships and Inaugural NZ Cross Country Relays are on this weekend (30-31 July). We have seven athletes making the trip to Taupō to compete in this pinnacle event. These are: Zara Geddes, Jake Owen, Henry Beliveau, Luke Clements, Finn Molloy, Reuben Beard, and Oliver O’Sullivan. Good luck, everyone!

Event website:

Watch day 1:

Watch day 2:


General Results:

Relay Results:

For those of us in Dunedin on Saturday, we will have a regular club run/ walk gathering at the clubrooms at 1:30 pm and leaving at 1:45 pm. We hope to see you there!

Finally, the nominations for OUSA Blues awards are closing soon (5th August). Please complete the following Hill City-University Club Blues/ Golds nomination form ASAP so we can begin putting together these nominations:

Please note, that the achievement eligibility timeframe is from 1 August 2021 to 1 August 2022. This means the upcoming National Cross Country Champs cannot be considered but we can include your 2021 National Cross Country Champs results.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us at or email Tim Dawbin directly at

Otago Cross Country Championships (Sunday 17 July 2022)

Registrations are now open for the 2022 Otago Cross Country Championships (to be held on Sunday 17 July) and will close on 16th July at 6:00 pm.

This event will once again be held at the fantastic course at the Chisholm Links golf course.

See the event page for more info and to enter:

2022 Otago Cross Country Championship full results:

2022 Otago Cross Country Championship individual results:

2022 Otago Cross Country Championship teams results:

Rotary Park 5km Handicap Cross Country (Saturday 9 July 2022)

On Saturday 9 July is the Rotary Park 5km Handicap Cross Country hosted by Ariki.

To enter/ to be given a handicap time, email

The race is expected to start at around 2:15 pm at the Rotary Park, Shiel Hill.
Please bring a plate to share at afternoon tea.

For more info, please see:

2022 NZ Cross Country Championships

Reminder, the NZ Cross Country Championships are on the weekend of 30-31 July 2022 at Spa Thermal Park in Taupo. This event will also include the inaugural New Zealand Cross Country Relays.

Thanks, University of Otago students who have already passed on their details to Tim Dawbin to help apply for grants to subsidise this trip.

Event website:

To enter, go to

Please also let us know by emailing or filling out the following form so we can plan relay teams etc:

Athletics Otago has a group booking (which includes Airfares to/from Rotorua, vehicle hire, and accommodation in Taupo). Anyone interested in attending and being part of this booking is asked to contact the Athletics Otago Administrator Josh, ( , 0276495657) ASAP. Those intending and/or who have already made their own arrangements are still asked to make contact to advise their intentions/plans.


Attention University of Otago Students registered with Hill City-University Athletic Club.

Several opportunities are coming up that we want to make you aware of and to help support you with:

1) 2022 New Zealand Cross Country Championships and Relay (30/07/2022, Taupo).
Event website:
Entries close: Sunday 24 July at 11:59 pm
Please complete the following expression of interest form ASAP so we can begin planning (including applying for grants to assist you):

2) 2022 New Zealand Road Relay Championships (1/10/2022, Takahe to Akaroa).
Event website:
Entries close: Monday 19 September at 5:00 pm
However, we will need to have entries confirmed well before this date to arrange teams, travel, accommodation, grants etc. More details to follow.
Please complete the following expression of interest form ASAP so we can begin planning (including applying for grants to assist you):

3) The 2022 OUSA Blues and Golds award nominations are now open.
Event website:
Nominations close: Friday 5 August
However, we will need to have nominations submitted to us well before this date to complete the relevant administration. More details to follow.
Please complete the following Hill City-University Club Blues/ Golds nomination form ASAP so we can begin putting together these nominations:

If you have any questions about any of these events, please contact us at or email Tim Dawbin directly at

Edmond Cup 2022 Results


1Oliver O’SullivanHill City USeniorMale16:07.0
2Jake OwenHill City UUnder 18Male16:27.0
3Finn MolloyHill City USeniorMale16:33.0
4Joel CarmanHill City USeniorMale16:47.0
5Nathan ShanksCavershaSeniorMale16:51.0
6Corey LewisLeithSeniorMale17:10.0
7Matthew BolterHill City UUnder 18Male17:16.0
8Josh HouHill City UUnder 20Male17:30.0
9Leon MiyaharaCavershaSeniorMale17:43.0
10Danny BaillieLeithMasters 5Male17:57.0
11Elliot O’SullivanHill City UMasters 3Male18:06.0
12Richard CampbellLeithMasters 3Male18:07.0
13Zara GeddesHill City UUnder 18Female18:34.0
14Glen McskimmingArikiMasters 5Male19:43.0
15Margie CampbellHill City USeniorFemale19:49.0
16Bryan StauntonLeithSeniorMale20:10.0
17Jennifer WalkerArikiMasters 3Female20:15.0
18Laura BungardCavershaSeniorFemale20:19.0
19Stephen BloomfieldHill City UMasters 5Male20:46.0
20Olivia Mclachlan Under 18Female21:01.0
21Richard FogartyHill City UMasters 5Male21:20.0
22Timothy DawbinHill City USeniorMale21:34.0
23Claire AndertonCavershaMasters 3Female21:37.0
24Geoff AndersonCavershaMasters 5Male21:52.0
25Sophie ShallardCavershaUnder 20Female21:53.0
26Chris SoleLeithMasters 5Male21:54.0
27Eric ScharpfHill City UMasters 5Male21:59.0
28Georgina PakehoHill City UMasters 3Female22:00.0
29Lydia PattilloLeithSeniorFemale22:08.0
30Bella Bloomfield SeniorFemale22:12.0
31Donald Bate Masters 5Male22:27.0
32Claudia SoleLeithSeniorFemale23:09.0
33Christine MontgomeryLeithMasters 5Female23:30.0
34Jordy FogartyHill City USeniorFemale23:34.0
35Phil NapperArikiMasters 5Male23:58.0
36Philip MorrisHill City UMasters 5Male24:09.0
37Marc BoulleLeithMasters 5Male24:35.0
38Robert HomanCivil ServiMasters 5Male24:50.0
39Gracie YoungCavershaUnder 18Female25:09.0
40Evelyn ArmstrongCavershaMasters 5Female25:28.0
41Oliver YoungCavershaUnder 20Male25:30.0
42Riley HomanLeithSeniorFemale25:48.0
43Richard YoungCavershaMasters 5Male26:11.0
44Steve SmithCavershaMasters 5Male26:19.0
45Dave McLeanLeithMasters 5Male27:07.0
46Barbara PatrickHill City UMasters 5Female27:10.0
47Nicholas HengCavershaMasters 5Male27:57.0
48Neville ShanksCavershaMasters 5Male28:34.0
Andrew LonieLeithMasters 3MaleDNS
Jayden ToomeyCavershaSeniorMaleDNS


PlaceNameTeam nameCategoryGenderTime
1Zac BailleLeithUnder 14Male9:54.0
2Henry HodgsonCavershamUnder 14Male10:00.0
3Melanie ButtonArikiUnder 16Female10:27.0
4Lola SaundersArikiUnder 14Female10:59.0
5Emily-Rose YoungCavershamUnder 16Female11:43.0
6Leo YoungCavershamUnder 14Male12:00.0
7Julia HodgsonCavershamUnder 12Female12:17.0
8Alexander BrownCavershamSeniorMale12:45.0
8Kotomiyo CowellArikiUnder 14Female12:45.0
10Ken FaheyCavershamMasters 50+Male13:36.0
11Alex WalkerHill City UniversityUnder 14Male16:00.0

Dick Tayler Run (Waikouaiti)

This Saturday 18/06/2022 we have an exciting inter-club run and walk planned! We’re meeting at the HCU clubrooms at 12:45 pm, to leave by 1:00 pm.

We will drive out to Dick Tayler’s place in Waikouaiti for a run at 1:50 pm.

Please complete the entry form below to help us plan for this event:

Also, please bring a plate to share!

For more info, please see:

We look forward to seeing you then!