Peninsula Relay Teams 2011

Below are the 3 Hill City teams entered for Saturday’s race.

As yet I haven’t received the handicapped start times so all I can suggest is you are already to go at 11.30am which is the starting time for the limit team.

Hill City need to supply 7 marshalls on the day. Please get a family member or friend to help with this.

Afternoon tea will be held at the Macandrew Bay Hall and all competitors are asked to contribute a plate of food.


  1. Victoria Beck
  2. Mary-Ann Moller
  3. Myrtle Rough
  4. Claire Hodge
  5. Emma Lloyd
  6. Shauna Pali
  7. Cathy Weatherston
  8. Charlotte Homan


  1. Steve Bloomfield
  2. Dion Latta
  3. Elliot O’Sullivan
  4. Michael Ogle
  5. Sam Bremer
  6. Oliver O’Sullivan
  7. Jack Bloomfield
  8. Joe Beamish


  1. David Cross
  2. Oliver Molteno
  3. Adrian Christie
  4. David Mackle
  5. Richard Fogarty
  6. Ivan Pali
  7. Mathew Ogle
  8. Peter Molteno

If you are now unable to run please phone Mike Wakelin 454 4807 or myself 4543689 ASAP.