2020 Lovelock Relay Provisional Results

There are some errors in times. Particularly the Masters men/Senior women. There was an issue as a team picked up another teams pack. If you feel your time is not correct let oliver.osullivan@gmail know and we can add the athletes self timed results beside the result. Apologies for the inconvenience. Dubious times are (Bold and italics).


28 Dundas (1st Place)Liam MillerBlake MillerBernaby KellyAbbie Mortimer
Clock time4.5311.0816.2821.21
Indiv time4.536.155.204.53
Team Rhodes (2nd Place)Archie RhodesLila RhodesAnya RhodesSimon Rhodes
Clock time6.0812.2519.1324.48
Indiv time6.086.176.485.35
HCU SocialRachael ShieldsHellen CollinsOllie O’SullivanDavid Mackle
Clock time5.1914.3521.1630.10
Indiv time5.199.166.418.54
Ariki GreenSarah LongsburyCharlotte SummersLola SaundersAmy Porter
Clock time6.2712.3919.3727.49
Indiv time6.276.126.588.12
Civil FamilyJoe ConnelyJack ConnelyRose ConnelyMatthew Connely
Clock time6.0413.4519.5026.26
Indiv time6.047.416.056.36
Taieri (3rd Place)Amanda WaldromTarryn FaheyJanice FinnieGraham Murphie
Clock time5.4213.2419.4325.34
Indiv time5.427.426.195.51
Caversham Social 1Judy RobinsonPhil CoatesVicki EvansGrant Dowland
Clock time6.413.0822.5229.40
Indiv time6.406.289.446.48
Caversham Social 2Gavin ChinLesley McCormackPaula CotterSophie Stokes
Clock time7.5316.1924.3529.52
Indiv time7.538.268.165.17


HCU KidsAlex WalkerViolet PakehoAlex Walker (2nd)Alex Walker (3rd run)
Caversham Kids 1Emily Rose YoungLachie RowleyDaniel RyanLeo Young
Leith Kids #1Terrance FarellaOliver MorganRowan HamiltonArchie Mckinlay
Ariki U12 ChildernHugh WalkerSammy WalkerNiamh PorterCharlotte Summer/TBA
Caversham Kids 2Zaydan ReynoldsSammy CotterQuinn ReynoldsEmily Rose Young
Leith Kids #2Daniel MorganJames O’NeillAilish O’NeillDante Taigel-Pierce

Masters Women

Hcu #1 Masters WomenGeorgy PakehoBarbara PatrickCathy WeatherstonMyrtle Rough
Clock time6.2113.4122.2430.34
Indiv time6.217.208.438.10
Leith Masters Women #1 (2nd Place)Siobhan McKinlayChristine MontgomeryJane AdamsRach McKinney
Clock time6.3712.4920.1327.23
Indiv time6.376.127.247.10
Caversham VW1 (1st Place)Kirsty EylesMichelle WattClaire AndertonDonna Young
Clock time5.5812.2118.4324.52
Indiv time5.586.236.226.09
Caversham VW2 (3rd Place)Celia LieRebecca WebsterDonna TumaruEvelyn Armstrong
Clock time7.2614.3321.4129.17
Indiv time7.
Caversham VW3Sue KimJanine BakerGail SharpClaire Giles
Clock time7.1515.3022.4930.20
Indiv time7.

Masters Men

HCU Masters #1 (2nd Place)Elliot O’SullivanTim BolterSimon RhodesSteve Bloomfield
Clock time4.5910.0815.1420.31`
Indiv time4.595.095.065.16
HCU Masters #2Richard FogartyPhil MorrisDwayne SheddanMark Geddes
Clock time5.3512.0217.2423.05
Indiv time5.356.275.225.26
Leith Masters #1 (1st Place)Mark O’NeillLuke McKinleySimon LeaningMark O’Donnell
Clock time4.539.4114.5520.12
Indiv time4.534.485.145.17
Leith Masters #3Steve TrippPeter HughesMarc BoulleLee Flowers
Clock time5.4913.0921.1827.33
Indiv time5.497.108.116.15
Ariki MM35 (3rd Place)Phil NapperRussell LundEddie SmithAaron Porter
Clock time5.2210.4815.5320.49
Indiv time5.
Civil 1Rob HomanNick WoolcroftJoe ConnelyPeter Frew
Clock time5.5811.3017.4023.26
Indiv time5.585.326.105.46
Caversham MM1Geoff AndersonDavid SharpGordon WongPeter Fitzgerald
Clock time5.2211.1016.5721.59
Indiv time5.225.485.495.00
Caversham MM2Alister McAleveryRichard YoungNeville ShanksRoss Gatenby
Clock time6.4112.5519.4526.16
Indiv time6.416.146.506.31
Caversham MM3Nicholas HengKen PullarNeville ScottKen Fahey
Clock time7.1514.3621.5429.15
Indiv time7.
Leith Masters #2 (Disqualified, runner ran twice)Luke McKinlayTom McKinlayMurray Jensen-McCloySimon Leaning
Clock time5.1010.3215.5521.05
Indiv time5.

High School Boys

HCU #1 Junior Boys (1st Place)Luke GeddesMatthew BolterLachlan CrumptonArchie Rhodes
Clock time5.1410.1816.1822.45
Indiv time5.
Caversham School Boys (2nd Place)Ollie YoungHadlee EdmundsPatrick CotterBeil Brown
Clock time4.5510.4318.3224.57
Indiv time4.555.487.496.25

Senior Women

HCU Womens #2 (2nd Place)Shireen CrumptonAli CraigieLeia SilbyLilah Gilenberg
Clock time5.4311.3217.3923.51
Indiv time5.435.496.076.12
Leith SW #1 (1st Place)Lydia PatilloCaitlin O’DonnellOlivia GoldMeriam van Os
Clock time5.4411.0716.2922.21
Indiv time5.445.235.225.52
Leith SW #2Sophie SmithGaya GnanalingamZoe Van-WijkClaudia Sole
Clock time5.4612.0419.0225.45
Indiv time5.466.186.586.43
Caversham Senior Womens #2 (3rd Place)Becly De La HarpeSophie StokesJordan Evans-TobataGracie Young
Clock time5.3112.0617.4223.57
Indiv time5.316.435.366.15
Caversham Senior Women #1 (Disqualified, runner ran twice)Lehana ReevesJulie EdmundsKirsty EylesLehana Reeves
Clock time5.2110.5816.2722.06
Indiv time5.215.375.295.39
Ariki Senior Women (Disqualified, runner ran twice)Catherine LundSue CuthbertJen WakerCatherine Lund
Clock time5.2311.5217.2122.46
Indiv time5.
HCU Womens #1 (Disqualified, runner left course)Laura BungardBella BloomfieldAnya RhodesLila Rhodes
Clock time5.2510.4916.4023.43
Indiv time5.255.26 self timed @5.115.517.14

Senior Men

Mighty HCU#1 (1st Place)Caden ShieldsKirk MadgwickOllie O’SullivanLogan SleeJosh HouRussel Green
Clock time4.218.4813.1817.3922.1226.29
Indiv time4.214.274.304.214.334.17
Leith SM#1 (2nd Place)Nathan HillJulius StaufenbergNic BathgateJack DiversLiam ChesneyJanus Staufenberg
Clock time4.349.0313.4318.3923.0127.06
Indiv time4.344.294.404.564.224.05
Leith SM#2Hanish McKinlayHarjinder Singh ChanderStephen MorrisonNeale McLanachanAndrew LonieMark O’Meill
Clock time5.0311.5316.4522.0227.3533.08
Indiv time5.036.504.525.175.335.33
Ariki Senior Men #1Nathan HarrisonTony DoddsShay VeitchBraden ArbuckleXaviour WalkerTom McCracken
Clock time5.111015.320.4125.2431.04
Indiv time5.114.495.305.114.435.40
Caversham SM#1 (3rd Place)Jonah SmithEzikiel StewartBen PigouBen RowleyLeon MiyaharaNathan Shanks
Clock time4.469.5214.5619.4424.3529.22
Indiv time4.465.065.044.484.514.47
Caversham SM#2Michael DowneJono RyanAndrew McCaigMatthew WongAlexander BrownAlex Dodds
Clock time5.2110.2517.1523.1928.2233.02
Indiv time5.215.046.506.045.034.40
Mighty HCU#2 (Disqualified, runner ran twiceNico Alvarez-ReyJake OwenTim DawbinElliot O’SullivanTom SpencerOllie O’Sullivan
Clock time4.369.3214.4019.5724.3529.17
Indiv time4.364.565.085.174.384.42