Hill City-University Lovelock Relay Harrier Manager Summary

Last weekend we hosted the Lovelock relays at the University oval. We had superb results across all grades. It was a perfect day for some competitive racing. Awesome seeing so many people keen to be involved:


Team Rhodes (Archie, Anya, Lila, and Simon) cruised in for second place in the social grade. This provided a great warmup for their main events, which the whole family performed well, and contributed to the success of 3 separate teams. Great to see the next generation of runners experiencing tough racing. The HCU Social team of Rachael Shields, Hellen Collins, Ollie O’Sullivan, and David Mackle combined to compete in the social event.

Primary Kids:

Alex Walker, and Violet Pakeho competed together in the primary kids race.  A sick team member had to cancel, and this resulted in Alex running 3 separate and impressive legs. It was fantastic to see both young athletes working together to come home first.

High School Boys:

Luke Geddes, Matthew Bolter, Lachlan Crumpton, and Archie Rhodes all had strong runs, winning the High School Boys grade. Some impressive times being run by these up and coming young runners.

Masters Men:

We had 2 Masters mens teams compete. HCU Masters team 1 finished a close second place (Elliot O’Sullivan, Tim Bolter, Simon Rhodes, and Stephen Bloomfield). Our number 2 Masters team also performed well with (Richard Fogarty, Phil Morris, Dwayne Sheddan, and Mark Geddes).

Masters Women:

Masters Women: Georgy Pakeho, Barbara Patrick, Cathy Weatherston, and Myrtle Rough performed well and are a total inspiration.  

Senior Women:

The two Hill City-Womens teams were closely placed together. The HCU team 1 (Laura Bungard, Bella Bloomfield, Anya Rhodes, Lila Rhodes) and HCU team 2 (Shireen Crumpton, Ali Cragie, Leia Silby, Lilah Gilenberg). Apologies for some of the issues with our timing within this race. None the less there were some impressive performances here.

Senior Men:

HCU Senior men 1 and 2 had a few late changes, and the HCU team 1 came away with the title (Caden Shields, Kirk Madgwick, Ollie O’Sullivan, Logan Slee, Josh Hou, and Russell Green). HCU Team 2 narrowly managed to claim the bronze medal, with some exciting racing (Nico Alverez-Ray, Jake Owen, Tim Dawbin, Elliot O’Sullivan, Tom Spencer, Ollie O’Sullivan).

Josh Hou, Ollie O’Sullivan, Caden Shield, Russel Green, Logan Slee, Kirk Madgwick