Club run summary 01.08.20

Scenic Pack

The HCU scenic pack run 1 August 2020 traversed some small hills in North Dunedin for about an hour before returning to the club rooms. All runners enjoyed a relaxed pace including Murtle, Merrilee Barbara (and dog), David and Tom.

Walking Pack

The walking pack had a flat walk from the clubrooms along ANZAC Ave to the railway station, along the deserted platform and over the footbridge and along to the harbour basin where we looked at the new albatross sculpture and the Neptune Memorial. We then walked round the basin and along Fryatt St then through the walkway to the Boat Harbour and viewed another sculpture, Kuri/Dog, before returning to the clubrooms via Butts Rd. Some members of the group expressed concern that we were 5 minutes late for afternoon tea but they need not have worried, there was plenty left for us.