Harrier Manger Summary: Otago Cross Country Champs 09.08.20

On Sunday Hill City-University athletes competed at the Otago Cross Country Champs, at the Chisolm Park Golf Course. Conditions under foot were perfect. The course was exceptional and was run on an undulating, challenging, and fast course. The biggest challenge of the day was contesting the southerly wind, followed by the undulations making it difficult to find a rhythm at times. ODT article can be found below:


This year the Otago Champs was incorporated with the Secondary Schools Otago Champs. It made for a great event. Numbers were the strongest we have seen for years, and it was amazing to see so many spectators enjoying the event. Something we would love to see continue.

Running the Otago Champs on this course has provided the perfect trial before the National Cross Country Champs to be held in 3 weeks on the same course. Let’s hope the weather will be as nice as yesterday.

Hill City-University athletes had a very successful day, congratulations to all Hill City-University runners, and the place getters, of which we had a large number.

Please see the Hill City-University results below. A full set of results can be found at:


Boys Under 12,  2km

Archie Rhodes 2nd place (8:46)

Alex Walker 3rd place (10:12)

Girls Under 14, 3km

Anya Rhodes 6th place (13:23)

Lila Rhodes 7th place (13:46)

Boys Under 14, 3km

Charlie Light  5th place (12:00)

Lachlan Crumpton 14th place (13:22)

Girls Under 15, 3km

Zara Geddes 1st Place (11:43)

Anna Carswell 4th Place (12:41)

Boys Under 15, 4km

Jake Owen 1st (14:32)

Nicolas Ray-Virat 3rd (14:55)

George Hamilton 4th (15:03)

Matthew Bolter 5th (15:26)

Girls Under 19, 4km

Rachael Turner 3rd (16:57)

Megan Foster 4th (17:16)

Boys Under 19, 6km

Grayson Westgate 3rd (23:25)

Women Under 20, 6km

Laura Bungard 2nd (26:40)

Masters Women 35-39, 6km

Shireen Crumpton 1st (26:23)

Sarah Rhodes 4th (29:08)

Masters Women 50+, 6km

Barbara Patrick 4th (34.43)

Myrtle Rough 9th (40.04)

Cathy Weatherston 10th (46:05)

Masters Men 65+, 6km

Phil Morris 2nd (30:35)

Men Under 20, 8km

Russell Green 2nd (28:08)

Finn Molloy 4th (28:39)

Masters Men 35+, 8km

Tim Bolter 4th (30:12)

Simon Rhodes 8th (32:05)

Elliot O’Sullivan 10th (33:24)

Mark Geddes 14th (37:59)

Masters Men 50+, 8km

Robbie Johnston 1st (30:06)

Eric Scharpf 4th (36:47)

Mark Chignell 5th (36:52)

Richard Foggarty 9th (37:41)

Senior Women, 10km

Rebekah Greene 1st (39:28)

Senior Men, 10km

Logan Slee 3rd (35:54)

Kirk Madgwick 5th (36:09)

Ollie O’Sullivan 7th (36:21)

Joel Carman 13th (39:27)