Hill City-University Athletic Results Barnes

Last Sunday we had a large contingent of Hill City-University runners take part in the Barnes Cross Country. In the 3.75km race Charlie Light (U16) recorded the third fastest time overall (15.20) with a strong run. The Under 16 team of Charlie Light, Lachlan Crumpton, Alex Walker, and Lila Rhodes placed first within the category. Lila Rhodes recorded fastest Female (16.47), and Georgina Pakeho claimed 3rd fastest time (17.37).
In the 5km Event Jake Owen finished in third place (18.37) backing up an impressive performance in the Schools Cross Country a couple days earlier. Russell Green recorded second fastest time (17.05) and Jared Monk recorded third (17.09). Sophie Hicks claimed second fastest female time (20.06) and Zara Geddes claimed third (20.17). HCU won the teams event with Jake Owen (3rd), Matthew Bolter (5th), Luke Geddes (6th), Jeddiah Thompson-Fawcett (8th), Sophie Hicks (9th), and Megan Foster (11th). There were a large number of other impressive performances. Well done to everyone that competed.

Sophie Hicks (2nd fastest female) is closely followed by Zara Geddes (3rd fastest female) in the 5km race.
Russell Green (2nd fastest time) followed by Jared Monk (3rd fastest time) in the 5km race.