Shunters and Grunters Results

Last Saturday we had 4 teams compete in the Shunters and Grunters relay race. The winning team of Richard Fogarty, Anna Carswell, Sue O’Sullivan, and Tim Dawbin all ran well. Richard managed to get away from his daughters Esther and Jordan on leg one. Anna returned to racing with a really strong run on leg two. Sue O’Sullivan pushed hard on leg three and set Tim Dawbin up within sight of Leia Silby. Tim caught Leia at the halfway point of the last leg and the first three teams all finished within sight of each other. 

Leg 1
Team NameTimeFastest time
1Richard Fogarty37:441
3Esther Fogarty38:302
2Jordan Fogarty41:423
4Greg Collins42:524
Leg 2
TeamNameTotal TimeAdjusted Time Fastest time
1 Anna Carswell59:3421:501
3 Richard Fogarty 1.01:1422:442
2 Phil Morris 1.05:0023:183
4David Mackle1.16:3233:404
Leg 3
TeamNameTotal TimeAdjusted Time Fastest time
3Danny O’Sullivan1.25:1223:581
1Maree Macrae1.27:4428:102
2Sue O’Sullivan1.30:0825:083
4Helen Collins1.43:1526:434
Leg 4
TeamNameTotal Time Adjusted Time Fastest time
1Tim Dawbin1.06:3938:551
3Leia Silby2.08:1743:052
2Megan Foster2.09:0839:003
4Oliver O’Sullivan2.18:2635:114