Ponydale teams

Race 1 – 12.45pm – MM35, MM50 & Boys 16
Race 2 – 1.30pm – Open Women, MW, Girls 16 & Social/Mixed
Race 3 – 2.25pm – All 12 & under
Race 4 – 2.40pm – Open Men

All teams are listed below – if you are in the orange congratulations you are team captain

Cost is $10 per runner (12 & under free) please pay to your captain
Please advise Mike Wakelin or myself if you are now unable to run
Also if you are not listed – its not too late – we could still enter you.

HCU A : mm Mike Wakelin, Jason Henwood, Matt Bixley, Kerrin Williams.
HCU B : mm Richard Fogarty, Mark Chignell, Adrian Christie, Alex McEwan.
HCU C: boys16u Reuben Scarlett-McRae, Peter Molteno, Ben Wardhaugh, Oliver Chignell (14u).
HCU D: mm50 Malcolm Hammond (50+), Ian Craven (50+), Peter Tutty (50+), Phil Morris (50+).
HCU E: boys16u Matthew Ogle (14u), Oliver Molteno (14u), Theo Molteno (12u), Jonny O’Neill (12u).
HCU F: sw Rachael Kingsford, Shauna Pali (19u), Christina Taylor, Kirsty O’Sullivan.
HCU G – sw Victoria Beck, Emma Lloyd (19u), Bella Bloomfield (19u), Francis Riley.
HCU H – sw Charlotte Homan (19u), Rose Duffey (19u), Jackie White, Jane McMecking.
HCU I – mw Ann Bixley, Helen Chignell, Michelle Koni, Barbara Patrick (50+).
HCU J – mw Sally Nicoll (50+), Myrtle Rough (50+), Esther Lim, Tania Scarf.
HCU K– girls 16u Jessica Stewart, Jessie Murphy (14u), Francesca Chignell (14u), Rosie Craven.
HCU L: social Paul O’Neill (mm), Amanda Church (mw), Liz Sebelin (mw), David Mackle (50+).
HCU M: social Ivan Pali (mm), Rose Stamm, Elaine Abram (mw), Nick Richardson.
HCU N: social Douglas Hancock, Andrew Jamieson (mm), Cathy Weatherston (50+) Jack Bloomfield (19u).
HCU O: boys12u Thomas Andrews (10u), Linus Molteno (10u), Oscar Wakelin (10u), Oliver Bixley (10u).
HCU P: girls 12u Jesika Sebelin (10u), Rebecca O’Neill (10u), Sam Bixley (10u), Tayla Koni / Hannah Williams.
HCU Q: sm Andrew Davidson, Ben Jowsey (19u), Matt Gibbons, Caden Shields.
HCU R: sm Joe Beamish (19u), Thomas Holmes (19u), Oliver O’Sullivan, Eugene Campbell (19u).
HCU S: sm Alistair Richardson (19u), Elliot O’Sullivan, Glen Chisholm, Michael Ogle. Reserve: Alex Sims

Lovelock relay teams

The 75th Annual Lovelock Relays will be held this Saturday the 5th of May at the University Oval Ground.

The following is the finalised programme which replaces the earlier provisional one.

Remember also the race entry fee of $5 to be paid to your team captain.

Race 1: 1.30pm Social/Mixed
Race 2: 2pm 12 & Under
Race 3: 2.15pm Masters Women, High School Girls & High School Boys
Race 4: 2.45pm Senior Women & Masters Men
Race 5: 3.15pm Senior Men

Following the last race there will be a mass run. Prizegiving will follow the mass run.

12u Yellow

1 Theo Molteno
2 Thomas Andrews
3 Jesika Sebelin
4 Jonny O’Neill

12u Blue

1 Oliver Bixley
2 Linus Molteno
3 Sam Bixley
4 Rebecca O’Neill

12u Black

1 Taylor Koni
2 Oliver Oberlin-Brown
3 Lachlan Crumpton
4 Fergus Oberlin-Brown

HSB one

1 Reuben Scarlett- McRae
2 Jack Bloomfield(C)
3 Oliver Chignell
4 Ben Wardhaugh

HSB two

1 Peter Molteno(C)
2 Matthew Ogle
3 Oliver Molteno
4 Tom Henderson

res Joe Allison


1 Jessie Murphy
2 Jessie Stewart
3 Emma Lloyd(C)
4 Francesca Chignell

res Rosie Craven

Masters Men A

1 Kerrin Williams(C)
2 Mark Chignell
3 Stephen Bloomfield
4 Richard Fogarty

Masters men B

1 Malcolm Hammond
2 Ian Craven(C)
3 Dave Cross
4 James Lang

Masters Women

1 Ann Bixley
2 Liz Sebelin
3 Helen Chignell
4 Barbara Patrick(C)

Senior Women

1 Shauna Pali(C)
2 Christina Taylor
3 Bella Bloomfield
4 Rebekah Greene

res Francis Riley

Senior men 1

1 Andrew Davidson
2 Alex Gorrie
3 Keiran Cody
4 Mike Wakelin(C)
5 Ben Jowsey
6 Caden Shields

Senior men 2

1 Matt Gibbons
2 Eugene Campbell
3 Oliver O’Sullivan(C)
4 Alistair Richardson
5 Glen Chisholm
6 Joe Beamish

Senior men 3

1 Toby Batchelor
2 Michael Ogle
3 Elliot O’Sullivan(C)
4 Judd Ormsby
5 Alex Sims
6 Douglas Hancock

res Matt Prouse
res2 Thomas Holmes

Social P

1 Peter Tutty
2 Cathy Weatherston(C)
3 Tania Scarf
4 Phil Morris

Social E

1 Matt Prouse
2 Jason Henwood
3 Merrilee Williams(C)
4 Chris Cowan

Social T

1 Paul O’Neill(C)
2 Amanda Church
3 Michelle Koni
4 Alex McEwan

Social S

1 Frances Riley
2 Rosie Craven(C)
3 Joe Allison
4 Thomas Holmes

Peninsula Relay Teams 2011

Below are the 3 Hill City teams entered for Saturday’s race.

As yet I haven’t received the handicapped start times so all I can suggest is you are already to go at 11.30am which is the starting time for the limit team.

Hill City need to supply 7 marshalls on the day. Please get a family member or friend to help with this.

Afternoon tea will be held at the Macandrew Bay Hall and all competitors are asked to contribute a plate of food.


  1. Victoria Beck
  2. Mary-Ann Moller
  3. Myrtle Rough
  4. Claire Hodge
  5. Emma Lloyd
  6. Shauna Pali
  7. Cathy Weatherston
  8. Charlotte Homan


  1. Steve Bloomfield
  2. Dion Latta
  3. Elliot O’Sullivan
  4. Michael Ogle
  5. Sam Bremer
  6. Oliver O’Sullivan
  7. Jack Bloomfield
  8. Joe Beamish


  1. David Cross
  2. Oliver Molteno
  3. Adrian Christie
  4. David Mackle
  5. Richard Fogarty
  6. Ivan Pali
  7. Mathew Ogle
  8. Peter Molteno

If you are now unable to run please phone Mike Wakelin 454 4807 or myself 4543689 ASAP.

Ponydale Relay Teams

Entry fee is $10 per runner, G16 & B16 is $5 per runner and 12 & unders are free.

Money must be paid to your captain on the day.

If you can’t run please contact your captain or me ASAP. We do have a couple of spares we can use.

  • Race 1: 12.45pm Masters Men & B16
  • Race 2: 1.30pm Open Women, Masters Women, Social & G16
  • Race 3: 2.25pm 12 & Unders
  • Race 4: 2.40pm Open Men

Afternoon and Prizegiving to be held after the last race and there will be BBQ food and drink for sale.

Team & grade Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4
Hill City Boys 12 & Under Mathew Ogle Oliver Molteno Theo Molteno Linus Molteno
Hill City mixed 12 & Under Samantha Bixley Olly Bixley Jonny O’Neill Rebecca O’Neill
Hill City Boys 16 & Under A Joe Beamish Sam Bremer (C) Ben Wardhaugh Reuben Scarlett-McRae
Hill City Boys 16 & Under B Peter Molteno (C) Oliver Chignell Jack Bloomfield Elliot Cross
Hill City Girls 16 & Under B Francessca Chignell Rosie Craven Charlotte Howman (C) Jessie Murphy
Hill City Senior Women A Rachel Kingsford Samantha Kingsford Victoria Beck Shauna Pali (C)
Hill City Senior Women B Bella Bloomfield Deborah Lynch Emma Lloyd Claire Hodge (C)
Hill City Senior Men Andrew Crowley Michael Ogle Elliot O’Sullivan (C) Glen Chisholm
Hill City Masters Women Anne Bixley MW35 Sally Nicholl MW50 Barbara Patrick (C) Myrtle Rough
Hill City Masters Men35 A Richard Murphy Matt Bixley (C) Stephen Bloomfield Richard Fogarty
Hill City Masters Men35 B Dave Cross Andrew Aitken Phil Bremer Richard Barker (C)
Hill City Masters Men35 C Ian Craven Ivan Pali (C) Tony Lough Stephen Pinker
Hill City Social A David Mackle Merrillee Williams (C) Elaine Abram James Lang
Hill City Social B Cathy Weatherston (C) Sara Best Lucy Ferris Mary Anne Moller

Lovelock Relay teams

Teams for next weekends race are as follows. Ring captain, supply lap counter, bring $10.

Hill City Senior Women 1

  • Rachel Kingsford
  • Bella Bloomfield
  • Shauna Pali (c)
  • Rebekah Greene

Hill City Senior Women 2

  • Sam Kingsford (c)
  • Jessie Stewart
  • Jane McMecking
  • Mary- Anne Moller

Hill City Senior Men 1

  • Oliver O’Sullivan (c)
  • Glen Chisholm
  • Andrew Crowley
  • Elliot O’Sullivan
  • Joe Beamish
  • Michael Ogle

Hill City Masters Men 1

  • Matt Bixley
  • Richard Murphy
  • Alex McEwan (c)
  • Stephen Bloomfield
  • Dave Cross
  • Richard Fogarty

Hill City Social 1

  • Merillee Williams (c)
  • Elaine Abram
  • David Mackle
  • Christine Peterson-Sharp

Hill City Social 2

  • Tony Lough
  • Ian Craven (c)
  • Mark Chignell
  • James Lang

Hill City High School 1

  • Sam Bremer
  • Reuben Scarlett-McRae
  • Ben Woodhough
  • Jack Bloomfield

Hill City High School 2

  • Oliver Chignell
  • Peter Molteno
  • Jessie Murphy
  • Elliot Cross

Hill City High School 3

  • Rosie Craven
  • Francessca Chignell
  • Emma Lloyd
  • Charlotte Howman

Hill City High School 4

  • Oliver Molteno
  • Matthew Ogle
  • Theo Molteno
  • Linus Molteno (contact: Tim Molteno)

Hill City Masters Women 1

  • Barbara Patrick (c)
  • Trish Jamieson
  • Anne Bixley
  • Myrtle Rough
  • Cathy Weatherston(res)