Hill City-University Athletic Results Barnes

Last Sunday we had a large contingent of Hill City-University runners take part in the Barnes Cross Country. In the 3.75km race Charlie Light (U16) recorded the third fastest time overall (15.20) with a strong run. The Under 16 team of Charlie Light, Lachlan Crumpton, Alex Walker, and Lila Rhodes placed first within the category. Lila Rhodes recorded fastest Female (16.47), and Georgina Pakeho claimed 3rd fastest time (17.37).
In the 5km Event Jake Owen finished in third place (18.37) backing up an impressive performance in the Schools Cross Country a couple days earlier. Russell Green recorded second fastest time (17.05) and Jared Monk recorded third (17.09). Sophie Hicks claimed second fastest female time (20.06) and Zara Geddes claimed third (20.17). HCU won the teams event with Jake Owen (3rd), Matthew Bolter (5th), Luke Geddes (6th), Jeddiah Thompson-Fawcett (8th), Sophie Hicks (9th), and Megan Foster (11th). There were a large number of other impressive performances. Well done to everyone that competed.

Sophie Hicks (2nd fastest female) is closely followed by Zara Geddes (3rd fastest female) in the 5km race.
Russell Green (2nd fastest time) followed by Jared Monk (3rd fastest time) in the 5km race.

TK Cowan Race Report and Results

Saturday saw 37 athletes take park in the annual TK Cowan. Jennifer Walker (Ariki) took overall line honours, with a really strong performance (35.36). However, since she is not a Hill City-University member she was not eligible for the title. Second home and the official race winner was George Hamilton. George started as the second to last back marker, and powered his way through the field to also claim fastest time overall (29.01). This was a very solid race, indicating his Otago Champs School Cross Country race, this week should be a race to keep an eye on. Sophie Hicks (34.58) was the first female home and also claimed fastest time, with a really impressive performance, demonstrating her strength on the tough course. It’s a race occurrence that both the male and female fastest times also claim line honours. Second woman home was Liliana Braun (35.02) who backed up a number of strong races already this season, also claiming second fastest time. Third home was Alyx Day (35.35), also running really well and claiming third fastest time. Second man home was Stephen Bloomfield (35.56), who takes home the largest trophy of the event and continues with his consistent form. Third man home was Josh Hou (30.45) with an strong run, also claiming third fastest time. Sam Bremer (29.40) recorded second fastest time. Running the golf course section in reverse.Another epic battle of the Bolter’s (Matthew and father Tim) saw Matthew power away from his father a few hundred meters before the finish to claim colts fastest time and first colt home in another great run from Matthew.Lila Rhodes claimed first female colt home and fastest colt time. Lila showed immense strength in the closing sprint, also to beat out her father Simon in an epic fashion. Dalise Sanderson (Ariki) beat out Sue O’Sullivan in the 5km race and claimed fastest time and first place.In the Children’s 3km Katomiyo Cowell finished first (18.16). Madi Phillips was second home and claimed fastest time (17.51). Third home was Lola Saunders (18.30). Fourth home was Violet Pakeho, who also had an impressive sprint finish (19.52).

Race winner and fastest time George Hamilton
First Female home and fastest time Sophie Hicks
Battle of the Bolter’s. This caught the moment Ollie and Tim were laughing that it was a matter of time before Matthew beat them both.
Lila Rhodes out-sprinting her father Simon Rhodes in the best photographed moment of the race.

preliminary results

8KMHandicapTimeFinish OrderPosition
Jennifer Walker (Ariki)22.3035.3611st home, not eligible for title (Ariki)
George Hamilton29.1529.0121st Man Home, Fastest Time
Sophie Hicks24.4534.5831st Woman Home, Fastest Time
Stephen Bloomfield24.0035.5642nd Man Home
Josh Hou29.1530.4553rd Man home, Third Fastest Time
Matthew Bolter28.4531.1861st home Colt, Fastest time Colt
liliana Braun25.1535.0272nd Woman Home, 2nd Fastest Time
Tim Bolter28.4531.338 
Dwayne Sheddan23.4536.379 
Bryce Saunders25.1535.1010 
Alyx Day25.1535.35113rd Woman Home, 3rd Fastest Time
Oliver O’Sullivan28.4532.1012 
Shireen Crumpton23.4537.1513 
Kara Bryant22.3038.3114 
Phil Morris18.3042.3515 
Helen Collins0.0061.2116 
Tim Dawbin24.4536.5317 
Barbara Patrick11.0050.4518 
Cilla Dickinson18.0043.4719 
Sam Bremer32.1529.40202nd Fastest Time
David Mackle1.0061.0721 
Leia Silby22.3039.5122 
Elliot O’Sullivan28.4533.3223 
Lila Rhodes22.0040.20241st Female Colt home, Fastest Colt.
Simon Rhodes22.0040.2125 
John Thompson21.3041.1526 
Victor Gamperle21.3042.1327 
Anya Rhodes22.0042.3028 
Peter Molloy (Visitor)15.3049.3329 
Mark Boulle18.3049.0130 
David Stott (Caversham/Tri)15.30   
5KMStart Finish time Position
Dalise Sanderson4.0029.2411st Not eligible (Ariki)
Sue O’Sullivan0.0035.0221st home 5km (HCU)
3KMStart Finish time Position
Katomiyo Cowell0.0018.16 1st
Madi Phillips0.3017.51 2nd
Lola Saunders0.0018.3 3rd
Violet Pakeho0.0019.52 4th

TK cowan, Tuesday training, Shunters and Grunters, and new singlets.

Hi All,

Please see the following updates.

TK cowan: This weekend (05/6/21) we host the TK Cowan handicap race. Please meet at the Tomahawk Domain Hall at 1:30pm for a 2pm estimated start. Race options are 8km, 5km, and a 3km for children. If you wish to enter please email or arrive early on the day to ensure you are handicapped appropriately. We have invited Leith and Ariki, so will hopefully have a few additional runners this weekend. If you are able to volunteer as a marshal please let us know.

Club run evening: Next Tuesday (08/06/21) we have an evening training/club run from the HCU Club rooms. Training options will include a group run/runs, or a 20minute threshold session with a warmup and warm down around Logan Park. If you have questions regarding this please sing out. I (Ollie) will be running at 3:30km pace, so anyone wanting to join in will be appreciated. However, This can be implemented at a suitable speed for your current fitness and we can make sure everyone is accommodated for this session.

Shunters and Grunters: On the 19/06/21 we have the Shunters and Grunters relay from Hyde, please email your expressions of interest for this fun event. We are looking to hire a couple vans and car pool. If you need a lift, or are happy to take a personal vehicle please let us know. Really keen for as many people to be involved in this event as possible. Please see the below Shunters and Grunters details

New Singlets: Today we placed an order for new club singlets. The design is attached. These will be available in approximately 1 month. They are sub4 branded and a super light/breathable material. We will have male and female singlets available for purchase. Please see the below design
For any enquires or questions please contact
Look forward to seeing you all this weekend.

TK Cowan Race winners History Male

1963A Knowles
1964H Hill
1965A Knowles (2nd win)
1966L Hill
1967A Knowles (3rd win)
1968D Chalmers
1969L Cook
1970D Richmond
1971W Hinton
1972 K Andrew
1973 M Bell
1974B Richmond
1975K Liggett
1976W Hinton (2nd win)
1977B Walker
1980J Burton
1981K Liggett (2nd win)
1982B Marr
1983H Barker
1984P Greer
1985P McLennon
1986R McElroy
1987M Smith
1988W McNoe
1989P Currie
1990P McLennan (2nd win)
1991R Green
1992L Pearson
1993W Grimsey
1994D Mackle
1995P Morris
1996J McLewis
1997I Dalziel
1998P Barton
1999P O,Neill
2000M Gray
2001G Campbell
2002M Wilson
2003I Reid
2004E O’Sullivan
2005P Barton (2nd win)
2006A Pohl
2007M Chignell
2008S Bloomfield
2009A Gorrie
2010M Ogle
2011S Bremer
2012J Lang
2013B Woodhaugh
2014K Williams
2015P Morris (2nd win)
2016Tim Bolter
2017E Scharpf
2018T Bolter (2nd win)
2019L Geddes
2020Phil Morris (3rd win)

Shunters and Grunters 2022 Relay

Teams Announced 2022

You are invited to take part in a social fun day for members and non-members.


This is a 4 person relay along the Historic Otago Central Rail Trail.


The start of the relay is from the old Hyde Railway station to the Waipiata Railway Station (Tavern).


Saturday 30 April, Leaving Dunedin 9:30am, 11:15 am Start time. Returning to Dunedin 2pm (leaving Waipiata).


We will be looking to utilise individuals vehicles. Anyone wishing to volunteer driving would be appreciated.


We need people to register interest as soon as possible by emailing

We will allocate teams so that all teams finish as close to possible to each other.

If you wish to enter your own team/run it individually, or cycle it, then you will not be eligible for the title of champion Shunters and Grunters.

The aim of this event is to have fun, and experience one of Otago’s most stunning running environments.

We will hold the prize giving at the infamous Waipiata Tavern, where people can have a drink and a snack.

Lap 1

Hyde Railway Station to Tiroiti, 8km, Flat with gentle rise to finish.

Leg 1:

Run 1.6km to Hyde township and continue on over rail-bridge. After covering 5.3km negotiate your way through long rail tunnel. The slightly curved Hyde Tunnel at 151 metres long gets pretty dark in the middle section (lights encouraged). The basalt based Hyde Tunnel is the only completely bricked tunnel on the Trail.

At 6km runners cross a 91 meter long bridge which is 32 meters above the Taieri River. There must be no more than 5 runners at any time on the bridge and no bungy jumping is allowed.

The Capburn Railway Bridge is 40 metres in length and 7 metres in height.

The first change is reached after running over Tiroiti bridge and arriving at the shed positioned just before the intersection of the main road with Horseburn Road.

Lap 2

Tiroiti to Daisybank, 5.0km, mainly flat, some slight undulations.

Leg 2:

Several single width gates to run through. Finish lap by crossing main highway and changing alongside beware sign. Extreme care must be taken when crossing the road. A Marshal will be in attendance to signal runners when to cross.

Lap 3

Daisybank to Kokonga, 4.2km, flat with some uphill and downhill undulations.

Leg 3:

The main feature of this lap is that there are two standard width farm gates to clamber over during the final Kilometer. Observe the pitted volcanic rocks blown from the extinct Flat Cap Volcano beside the trail. The second of these gates marks the completion of the lap.

Lap 4

Kokonga to Waipiata, 9.3km, Mainly flat with gradual 500m climb before downhill descent to finish.

Leg 4:

Those with a passion for bridges will enjoy fast footing it across the 97 meter long Waipiata bridge before tackling the only challenging uphill section of the entire relay. The 97m long and 6m high Taieri River Rail Bridge is the only crossing of the Taieri River on the Rail Trail. The relay ends at the rail-head opposite the Waipiata Tavern.


Leg 1 – 8km, Caden Shields (33.04), Tania Smellie (32.48)

Leg 2 – 5km Kevin Murphy (20.10), Anna Frost (20.43)

Leg 3 – 4.2km Flynn Morris Clarke (415.27), Jo Murdoch (18.50)

Leg 4 – 9.2km Geoff Spillane (31.24), Mary Davies (38.26)

Overall course record: (2003) Caden Shields, Kevin Murphy, Teri Moore, Jeff Spillane (1:42.54).

Lovelock Relays 2022

2022 Programme

Results 2021

Invitation to clubs (click here)

Entry Form (click here)

Team Change form (click here)

Programme 2022

Race 1:      1:30 pm – Social/Mixed

Race 2:      2:10 pm – Under 12/Primary School

Race 3:      2:25 pm – Senior Women, Masters Women (35+), High School Girls & High School Boys

Race 4:      2:55 pm – Masters Men

Race 5:      3:20 pm – Senior Men

Prize Giving: 4:15pm, Hill City-University clubrooms

Team Changes

Must be done on the Team Change sheets provided & handed to the computer operators not less than 30 mins prior to the race start.

Lap Stewards

Please notify officials when your runners are about to change/team is finishing.

Fill in the Lap Steward cards provided & return them along with ALL race numbers ASAP after each race.

Entry Fees

Team captains to collect money and return with race numbers.


Will be emailed to clubs, included in the ODT and posted on our website:   Copies may be available at Prize Giving.


Please email We are always looking for ideas to make the event more successful.