TK Cowan Harrier Manager Report 18.07.20

It was great to be back at the Tomohawk Domain Hall on Saturday for the Annual TK cowan Race. This is such a challenging and fun race, and we were really lucky with the weather again. This course has it all. Steep hills, Gravel, grass, sand, and road. The perfect setting to run your legs off.

We had 28 people compete across the races, and it was really nice to see other clubs (Leith and Ariki) athletes join in on the event. Listening to Bruce Cowan (the son of TK Cowan) talking about the history of the event was particularly interesting. The event was initially created to be as difficult as possible by the Prespeterian Harrier Club, and they invited Dunlaider and the Mornington Harrier clubs to join in on the event. Eventually the 3 Clubs all merged to become Hill City. The Next club merger was with the University club, and now this forms the amalgamation of the 4 clubs. This is how we became Hill City-University. It’s really nice to see that the events culture is still strong in bringing people together from different Dunedin clubs. This year a closed car park allowed us to make the course even more challenging, which was great for the people who like the punishment.

Rumor has it that Sarah Warner bribed her handicap (not really-just a good run) to allow her to run away to a 3 minute victory. However, since she is not Hill City-University affiliated it was Merrilee Cowan who claimed line honours and took home the trophy for this year. Such an awesome achievement for Merrilee, and I am sure it was made even more special since the race is named after her Grandfather, and her father (Bruce) was presenting her the winning trophy. Second women home was Barbara Patrick, who had a strong run. Third home was Anya Rhodes in her first time competing in the 8km, seriously impressive stuff. First Man home was the experienced TK Cowan performer Phil Morris, followed by Dwayne Sheddan with a good run, 3rd man went to Elliot O’Sullivan. Men’s fastest times went to Josh Hou, Elliot O’Sullivan, and Dwayne Sheddan. Women’s fastest times went to Shireen Crumpton, Sarah Rhodes, and Georgie Pakeho. Lachlan Crumpton takes home the colts trophy in the 5km event. A full set of results can be found at, well done to everyone that competed.

Thanks very much to all the volunteers that help with everything that goes into these events. There are always a large number of people that help, and I know that we are thankful to all the individuals who support the club through volunteering.

Merrilee and Bruce Cowan Celebrating the win
Start Line as athletes perpare and warm up
Afternoon tea and prize giving

TK Cowan Results

Titles Claimed

First Women HomeNameTime
1stMerrilee Williams (Overall winner)51:05
2ndBarbara Patrick50:58
3rdAnya Rhodes42:53
First Men Home
1stPhil Morris43:27
2ndDwayne Sheddan36:05
3rdElliot O’Sullivan33:21
Fastest Women
1stShireen Crumpton38:15
2ndSarah Rhodes40:40
3rdGeorgie Pakeho41:58
Fastest Men
1stJosh Hou32:31
2ndElliot O’Sullivan33:21
3rdDwayne Sheddan36:05
Fastest Colt/First home
1stLachlan Crumpton25:42

8km Overall Race Results

PlaceNameFinishHandicapActual time
1Sarah S.Warner50:044:0046:04
2Merrilee Williams53.052:0051:05
3Phil Morris53:2710:0043:27
4Barbara Patrick54:584:0050:58
5Dwayne Sheddan55:0519:0036:05
6Anya Rhodes55:5313:0042:53
7Georgie Pakeho55:5814:0041:58
8Elliot O’Sullivan57:2124:0033:21
9Orlaith Heron57:3418:0039:34
10Sarah Rhodes57:4017:0040:40
11Mark O’Donnell 57:4120:0037:41
12Richard Fogarty57:4820:0037:48
13Simon Leaning58:0423:0035:04
14Shireen Crumpton59:1621:0038:15
15Cathy Weatherston59:201:0058:20
16Josh Hou59:3127:0032:31
17Matt Bixley59:4123:0036:41
18Caitlin O’Donnell59:4517:0042.45
19Tim Dawbin60.5221:0039:52
20John McMeckan61:096:0055:09
21Lila Rhodes61:3612:0049:36
22David Mackle64:332:0062:33
23Ollie O’Sullivan65.1027:0038:10

5km Race

PlaceNameFinishHandicapActual time
1Grayson Westgate18:065:0023:06
2Harry Summers20.173:0023:06
3Lachlan Crumpton25:422:3028:12
4Liz McMecking31:340:0031:34

3km Race

PlaceNameFinishHandicapActual Time
1Melanie Button14:490:0014:49

TK Cowan Race, 18 July

Thanks to everyone for the awesome Saturday of competitive racing. The Facebook posted photos give a great impression of how spoilt we were with the weather. Big thanks to our Sponsors Shoe Clinic, Otago Dental Service, Archie the coffee caravan, and all the various officials that helped make the event another successful year. Can any members still to pay the $10 entry fee contact or bring the $10 to the TK Cowan race this weekend.

This Saturday, 18 July we have our annual TK Cowan race – from the Tomohawk Hall, 307 Tomohawk road: This is a great event, an 8km Handicap race over road, beach, and golf course. There are kids races of 3km and 5km also available. There is no requirement to be registered, so come along and we will make sure a handicap is allocated. Please arrive by 1:30pm and racing will start at 2pm, All clubs and runners are welcome. Please bring a plate for afternoon tea. We will fire up the oven and have savouries to warm us up after the event. We will also require 8 marshals’ to monitor road crossings. Please contact if you are available to assist or have any questions.

View Looking down Tomohawk Beach. Its a tough climb out of the Sand dunes and tests even the toughest runners.

Hill City-University Lovelock Relay Harrier Manager Summary

Last weekend we hosted the Lovelock relays at the University oval. We had superb results across all grades. It was a perfect day for some competitive racing. Awesome seeing so many people keen to be involved:


Team Rhodes (Archie, Anya, Lila, and Simon) cruised in for second place in the social grade. This provided a great warmup for their main events, which the whole family performed well, and contributed to the success of 3 separate teams. Great to see the next generation of runners experiencing tough racing. The HCU Social team of Rachael Shields, Hellen Collins, Ollie O’Sullivan, and David Mackle combined to compete in the social event.

Primary Kids:

Alex Walker, and Violet Pakeho competed together in the primary kids race.  A sick team member had to cancel, and this resulted in Alex running 3 separate and impressive legs. It was fantastic to see both young athletes working together to come home first.

High School Boys:

Luke Geddes, Matthew Bolter, Lachlan Crumpton, and Archie Rhodes all had strong runs, winning the High School Boys grade. Some impressive times being run by these up and coming young runners.

Masters Men:

We had 2 Masters mens teams compete. HCU Masters team 1 finished a close second place (Elliot O’Sullivan, Tim Bolter, Simon Rhodes, and Stephen Bloomfield). Our number 2 Masters team also performed well with (Richard Fogarty, Phil Morris, Dwayne Sheddan, and Mark Geddes).

Masters Women:

Masters Women: Georgy Pakeho, Barbara Patrick, Cathy Weatherston, and Myrtle Rough performed well and are a total inspiration.  

Senior Women:

The two Hill City-Womens teams were closely placed together. The HCU team 1 (Laura Bungard, Bella Bloomfield, Anya Rhodes, Lila Rhodes) and HCU team 2 (Shireen Crumpton, Ali Cragie, Leia Silby, Lilah Gilenberg). Apologies for some of the issues with our timing within this race. None the less there were some impressive performances here.

Senior Men:

HCU Senior men 1 and 2 had a few late changes, and the HCU team 1 came away with the title (Caden Shields, Kirk Madgwick, Ollie O’Sullivan, Logan Slee, Josh Hou, and Russell Green). HCU Team 2 narrowly managed to claim the bronze medal, with some exciting racing (Nico Alverez-Ray, Jake Owen, Tim Dawbin, Elliot O’Sullivan, Tom Spencer, Ollie O’Sullivan).

Josh Hou, Ollie O’Sullivan, Caden Shield, Russel Green, Logan Slee, Kirk Madgwick

2020 Lovelock Relay Provisional Results

There are some errors in times. Particularly the Masters men/Senior women. There was an issue as a team picked up another teams pack. If you feel your time is not correct let oliver.osullivan@gmail know and we can add the athletes self timed results beside the result. Apologies for the inconvenience. Dubious times are (Bold and italics).


28 Dundas (1st Place)Liam MillerBlake MillerBernaby KellyAbbie Mortimer
Clock time4.5311.0816.2821.21
Indiv time4.536.155.204.53
Team Rhodes (2nd Place)Archie RhodesLila RhodesAnya RhodesSimon Rhodes
Clock time6.0812.2519.1324.48
Indiv time6.086.176.485.35
HCU SocialRachael ShieldsHellen CollinsOllie O’SullivanDavid Mackle
Clock time5.1914.3521.1630.10
Indiv time5.199.166.418.54
Ariki GreenSarah LongsburyCharlotte SummersLola SaundersAmy Porter
Clock time6.2712.3919.3727.49
Indiv time6.276.126.588.12
Civil FamilyJoe ConnelyJack ConnelyRose ConnelyMatthew Connely
Clock time6.0413.4519.5026.26
Indiv time6.047.416.056.36
Taieri (3rd Place)Amanda WaldromTarryn FaheyJanice FinnieGraham Murphie
Clock time5.4213.2419.4325.34
Indiv time5.427.426.195.51
Caversham Social 1Judy RobinsonPhil CoatesVicki EvansGrant Dowland
Clock time6.413.0822.5229.40
Indiv time6.406.289.446.48
Caversham Social 2Gavin ChinLesley McCormackPaula CotterSophie Stokes
Clock time7.5316.1924.3529.52
Indiv time7.538.268.165.17


HCU KidsAlex WalkerViolet PakehoAlex Walker (2nd)Alex Walker (3rd run)
Caversham Kids 1Emily Rose YoungLachie RowleyDaniel RyanLeo Young
Leith Kids #1Terrance FarellaOliver MorganRowan HamiltonArchie Mckinlay
Ariki U12 ChildernHugh WalkerSammy WalkerNiamh PorterCharlotte Summer/TBA
Caversham Kids 2Zaydan ReynoldsSammy CotterQuinn ReynoldsEmily Rose Young
Leith Kids #2Daniel MorganJames O’NeillAilish O’NeillDante Taigel-Pierce

Masters Women

Hcu #1 Masters WomenGeorgy PakehoBarbara PatrickCathy WeatherstonMyrtle Rough
Clock time6.2113.4122.2430.34
Indiv time6.217.208.438.10
Leith Masters Women #1 (2nd Place)Siobhan McKinlayChristine MontgomeryJane AdamsRach McKinney
Clock time6.3712.4920.1327.23
Indiv time6.376.127.247.10
Caversham VW1 (1st Place)Kirsty EylesMichelle WattClaire AndertonDonna Young
Clock time5.5812.2118.4324.52
Indiv time5.586.236.226.09
Caversham VW2 (3rd Place)Celia LieRebecca WebsterDonna TumaruEvelyn Armstrong
Clock time7.2614.3321.4129.17
Indiv time7.
Caversham VW3Sue KimJanine BakerGail SharpClaire Giles
Clock time7.1515.3022.4930.20
Indiv time7.

Masters Men

HCU Masters #1 (2nd Place)Elliot O’SullivanTim BolterSimon RhodesSteve Bloomfield
Clock time4.5910.0815.1420.31`
Indiv time4.595.095.065.16
HCU Masters #2Richard FogartyPhil MorrisDwayne SheddanMark Geddes
Clock time5.3512.0217.2423.05
Indiv time5.356.275.225.26
Leith Masters #1 (1st Place)Mark O’NeillLuke McKinleySimon LeaningMark O’Donnell
Clock time4.539.4114.5520.12
Indiv time4.534.485.145.17
Leith Masters #3Steve TrippPeter HughesMarc BoulleLee Flowers
Clock time5.4913.0921.1827.33
Indiv time5.497.108.116.15
Ariki MM35 (3rd Place)Phil NapperRussell LundEddie SmithAaron Porter
Clock time5.2210.4815.5320.49
Indiv time5.
Civil 1Rob HomanNick WoolcroftJoe ConnelyPeter Frew
Clock time5.5811.3017.4023.26
Indiv time5.585.326.105.46
Caversham MM1Geoff AndersonDavid SharpGordon WongPeter Fitzgerald
Clock time5.2211.1016.5721.59
Indiv time5.225.485.495.00
Caversham MM2Alister McAleveryRichard YoungNeville ShanksRoss Gatenby
Clock time6.4112.5519.4526.16
Indiv time6.416.146.506.31
Caversham MM3Nicholas HengKen PullarNeville ScottKen Fahey
Clock time7.1514.3621.5429.15
Indiv time7.
Leith Masters #2 (Disqualified, runner ran twice)Luke McKinlayTom McKinlayMurray Jensen-McCloySimon Leaning
Clock time5.1010.3215.5521.05
Indiv time5.

High School Boys

HCU #1 Junior Boys (1st Place)Luke GeddesMatthew BolterLachlan CrumptonArchie Rhodes
Clock time5.1410.1816.1822.45
Indiv time5.
Caversham School Boys (2nd Place)Ollie YoungHadlee EdmundsPatrick CotterBeil Brown
Clock time4.5510.4318.3224.57
Indiv time4.555.487.496.25

Senior Women

HCU Womens #2 (2nd Place)Shireen CrumptonAli CraigieLeia SilbyLilah Gilenberg
Clock time5.4311.3217.3923.51
Indiv time5.435.496.076.12
Leith SW #1 (1st Place)Lydia PatilloCaitlin O’DonnellOlivia GoldMeriam van Os
Clock time5.4411.0716.2922.21
Indiv time5.445.235.225.52
Leith SW #2Sophie SmithGaya GnanalingamZoe Van-WijkClaudia Sole
Clock time5.4612.0419.0225.45
Indiv time5.466.186.586.43
Caversham Senior Womens #2 (3rd Place)Becly De La HarpeSophie StokesJordan Evans-TobataGracie Young
Clock time5.3112.0617.4223.57
Indiv time5.316.435.366.15
Caversham Senior Women #1 (Disqualified, runner ran twice)Lehana ReevesJulie EdmundsKirsty EylesLehana Reeves
Clock time5.2110.5816.2722.06
Indiv time5.215.375.295.39
Ariki Senior Women (Disqualified, runner ran twice)Catherine LundSue CuthbertJen WakerCatherine Lund
Clock time5.2311.5217.2122.46
Indiv time5.
HCU Womens #1 (Disqualified, runner left course)Laura BungardBella BloomfieldAnya RhodesLila Rhodes
Clock time5.2510.4916.4023.43
Indiv time5.255.26 self timed @5.115.517.14

Senior Men

Mighty HCU#1 (1st Place)Caden ShieldsKirk MadgwickOllie O’SullivanLogan SleeJosh HouRussel Green
Clock time4.218.4813.1817.3922.1226.29
Indiv time4.214.274.304.214.334.17
Leith SM#1 (2nd Place)Nathan HillJulius StaufenbergNic BathgateJack DiversLiam ChesneyJanus Staufenberg
Clock time4.349.0313.4318.3923.0127.06
Indiv time4.344.294.404.564.224.05
Leith SM#2Hanish McKinlayHarjinder Singh ChanderStephen MorrisonNeale McLanachanAndrew LonieMark O’Meill
Clock time5.0311.5316.4522.0227.3533.08
Indiv time5.036.504.525.175.335.33
Ariki Senior Men #1Nathan HarrisonTony DoddsShay VeitchBraden ArbuckleXaviour WalkerTom McCracken
Clock time5.111015.320.4125.2431.04
Indiv time5.114.495.305.114.435.40
Caversham SM#1 (3rd Place)Jonah SmithEzikiel StewartBen PigouBen RowleyLeon MiyaharaNathan Shanks
Clock time4.469.5214.5619.4424.3529.22
Indiv time4.465.065.044.484.514.47
Caversham SM#2Michael DowneJono RyanAndrew McCaigMatthew WongAlexander BrownAlex Dodds
Clock time5.2110.2517.1523.1928.2233.02
Indiv time5.215.046.506.045.034.40
Mighty HCU#2 (Disqualified, runner ran twiceNico Alvarez-ReyJake OwenTim DawbinElliot O’SullivanTom SpencerOllie O’Sullivan
Clock time4.369.3214.4019.5724.3529.17
Indiv time4.364.565.085.174.384.42

Lovelock Trials 2020

Race 1:

Leia Silby5:51
Lilah Gilgenberg5:52
Henry Eyles6:04
Phil Morris6:31
Barbara  Patrick7.24
Cathy Weatherstone8.09
Myrtle Rough8.24
David Mackle8.38

Race 2:

William  Scharpf4:17
Ollie O’Sullivan4:19
Josh Hou4:21
Nico Alvarez-Rey4:25
Jared Monk4:44
Jake Owen4:45
Elliot O’Sullivan4:49
Tim Bolter4:55
Luke Geddes5:01
Matt Bolter5:06
Tim Dawbin5:11
Caitlin O’Donnell (Leith)5:13
Steve Bloomfield5:18
Eric Scharpf5:19
Bella Bloomfield5:22
Dwayne Sheddan5:30
Anya Rhodes5:34
Mark Geddes5:34
Lila Rhodes5:40
Ali Craigie5:45

Rotary Park Summary

This week Hill City-University members competed in the combined clubs (Ariki, Leith, and Hill City-University) handicap 5km x-country at Rotary Park. The event was generously hosted by Ariki and was a great opportunity to bring local clubs together for the start of inter-club racing.

The Rotary park course is a challenging x-country consisting of 4 laps. It provides an excellent course to test yourself at the start of the season. It includes plenty of hills and grass running. The course loops through some interesting (and challenging) sections of Pine Forrest and is a great spectator course.

Junior athletes Cormac Moore (Hill City-University), Catherine Lund (Ariki), and Lila Rhodes (Hill City-University) all demonstrated their determination and ability over the course, all posting strong respective performances. Plenty of good racing to come from these junior athletes this year.

Mark Geddes (Hill City-University) had a strong performance, coming through the field to claim line honours. He consistently worked through the field and finished with a 1minute gap to second place. Caitlin O’Donnell (Leith) claimed the Silver and was the first female home, also claiming fastest Female time in an impressive and well-judged run. Luke Geddes (Hill City-University) claimed the Bronze with a sharp performance. This backs up a large 5km PB two days before, in the Leith Harbour 5km race. Another lap and he may have been clipping the heels of his Father Mark.

Prize giving was back at the Ariki Clubrooms. It was a good opportunity to mingle with local runners and discuss upcoming events. The Afternoon spread was a well-received treat after a challenging run.

The Next inter club event is the Lovelock Relay (Hosted by Hill City-University) at the University Oval on the 11/07/20. Teams for this event need to be sent to by Monday 06.07.20. Any questions please contact Oliver O’Sullivan 0277518895,

Results can be found on the Hill City-University website under results, or can be found at:

Rotary Park Cross Country Results 2020

27 June 2020

NameTimeHandicapActual time
Cormac Moore (2 laps)21:136:0015:13
Catherine Lund (3 laps)29:5514:3015:25
Lila Rhodes (3 laps)30:1411:0019:14
Mark Geddes33:1311:0022:13
Caitlin O’Donnell34:2012:0022:20
Luke Geddes35:0215:0022:02
Matt Bixley35:2515:0020:25
Cathy Weatherston35:271:0034:27
Dwayne Sheddan35:4214:3021:12
Sarah Rhodes35:4912:0023:49
Brent Halley36:1414:3021:44
Eric Sharpf36:2114:3021:51
Mark O’Donnell36:2514:3021:55
Georgina Pakeho36:2812:0024:28
Danny O’Sullivan36:366:0030:36
Mark O’Neill36:4415:3021:14
David Mackle36:481:0035:48
Tim Dawbin36.5014:3022:20
Ollie O’Sullivan36.5617:3019:26
Helen Collins37:050:0037:05
Kirsty Gillon (DNF, 2 laps)
Barbara Patrick (DNF, wrong turn)
Christine Montgomery (DNF, 2 laps)
Russel Lund (DNF, 3 laps)

Hill City – University Lovelock trials : Caledonian Grounds

This year the Hill City-University trials will be a wee bit different.

We will meet at the clubrooms at 1:30pm as per usual.

However, this year we will have the opportunity to run the trial on the Caledonian Grounds. Starting at approximately at 2:15pm.

This will provide an exciting opportunity to run a fast and accurate 1500m, and test yourself before the lovelock relay.

No need to enter, just turn up and we will make sure you are looked after.

Please see Facebook for any further details and updates:

If you can not make the Trials and wish to compete at the Lovelock Relay please contact or
Oliver O’Sullivan 0277518895

Hill City – University Athletic Club Winter Trophy List 2019

Lovelock Trials 2019

Name of TrophyPurpose of TrophyName of Winner
G.S.Mowat Junior challenge cupFirst Junior Male over the lineGeorge Hamilton
D.H. Randle Memorial CupFastest Time MaleJoel Carman
Maiden race trophyFirst Women over the lineLaura Bungard
Neil Hickey Memorial CupFastest time Senior Men-Lovelock RelaysSam Bremer

TK Cowan

Name of TrophyPurpose of TrophyName of Winner
T.K Cowan CupFirst home – menLuke Geddes
Edmond’s Memorial CupSecond home – menTim Dawbin
T.K. CowanFirst Junior boy over the line 5kmDavid Mogenson
T.K. CowanFirst Women over the lineShireen Crumpton
T.K. CowanFastest MaleOllie O’Sullivan
T.K. CowanFastest Time Junior Boy 5kmLachlam Crumpton
T.K. CowanFastest Time WomenKirsty O’Sullivan

Edmond Cup

Name of TrophyPurpose of TrophyName of Winner
Soldier Memorial CupFirst home – Senior MenAlister Richardson
R. C Lindsay & I. F. Reid CupFirst home – Junior menJosh Hou
Steeplechase TrophyFirst home – Senior WomenNadia Beamish
Jack CupFirst home – U16 GirlsZara Geddes

Otago Cross Country Champs

Name of TrophyPurpose of TrophyName of Winner
Fenwick Memorial CupFirst to finish Senior MenJoel Carman
J. C. Lucas CupFastest Time – Men Under 20Russell Green
W. H. Burrows Colts Cross countryFastest Time – Boys Under 13Alex Walker
R. T Dodds CupFastest Time – Boys under 16George Hamilton
I.F. Murcott & Emmerson CupFastest Time – Senior WomenRebekah Greene
Salmon TrophyFastest Time – Women under 20Georgia Mitchell
Veteran Women’s Cross CountryFirst Home – Masters WomenGeorgy Pakeho

Rotary Park Cross Country

Name of TrophyPurpose of TrophyName of Winner
Presbyterian CupFirst Senior Man over the LineTim Bolter
R. E. Gain Memorial S. H. JFirst Junior man over the lineLuke Moffit
L. S. W. Emerson CupFirst U12 Boys 1.2kmAlex Walker
D. O’Brien CupFirst women homeGeorgy Pakeho

Colin Holmes Memorial Road Race

Name of TrophyPurpose of TrophyName of Winner
Colin Holmes Memorial CupFirst Home Senior Men 10kmYutaro Nishimra
Colts Road Race CupFirst Home Boys under 16Luke Geddes
A. Knowles CupFirst Home WomenHelen Collins
R. Murcott CupFastest Time Senior MenOllie O’Sullivan
A. G. Hall Colts CupFirst Home Boys under 14Lachlan Crumpton
Alice Baker Memorial TrophyFastest Time WomenAly Craigie

Peninsula Relay

Name of TrophyPurpose of TrophyName of Winners
Peninsula Relay BadgesWinning team Men’s eventJake Owen, Josh Hou, Tim Dawbin, Tim Bolter, Elliot O’Sullivan, Ollie O’Sullivan

Club Trophies

Name of trophyPurpose of TrophyName of Winner
Hire Service trophyFirst Women Home Half MarathonAly Craigie
Richmond CupSenior Men Road Races – Cowan/Holmen/PortOllie O’Sullivan
Dalton ShieldSenior Women Road Races – Cowan/Holmen/PortCilla Dickinson
Dunlaider Track & Harrier Cup – FrostMost Improved MaleOllie O’Sullivan
M. G. Manson CupMost Improved FemaleAly Craigie
P. R. & P. M. Seaton CupMost Outstanding Performance for the SeasonCaden Shields
Jack Clark TrophyFor Persistence and DeterminationTim Dawbin
Bob Lindsay Memorial TrophyBest Marathon Performance of the SeasonCaden Shields