TK Cowan Race winners History Male

1963A Knowles
1964H Hill
1965A Knowles (2nd win)
1966L Hill
1967A Knowles (3rd win)
1968D Chalmers
1969L Cook
1970D Richmond
1971W Hinton
1972 K Andrew
1973 M Bell
1974B Richmond
1975K Liggett
1976W Hinton (2nd win)
1977B Walker
1980J Burton
1981K Liggett (2nd win)
1982B Marr
1983H Barker
1984P Greer
1985P McLennon
1986R McElroy
1987M Smith
1988W McNoe
1989P Currie
1990P McLennan (2nd win)
1991R Green
1992L Pearson
1993W Grimsey
1994D Mackle
1995P Morris
1996J McLewis
1997I Dalziel
1998P Barton
1999P O,Neill
2000M Gray
2001G Campbell
2002M Wilson
2003I Reid
2004E O’Sullivan
2005P Barton (2nd win)
2006A Pohl
2007M Chignell
2008S Bloomfield
2009A Gorrie
2010M Ogle
2011S Bremer
2012J Lang
2013B Woodhaugh
2014K Williams
2015P Morris (2nd win)
2016Tim Bolter
2017E Scharpf
2018T Bolter (2nd win)
2019L Geddes
2020Phil Morris (3rd win)

Shunters and Grunters 2021 Relay

You are invited to take part in a social fun day for members and non-members.


This is a 4 person relay along the Historic Otago Central Rail Trail.


The start of the relay is from the old Hyde Railway station to the Waipiata Railway Station (Tavern).


Saturday 19 June, Leaving Dunedin 9:30am, 11:15 am Start time. Returning to Dunedin 2pm (leaving Waipiata).


We will be looking to utilise individuals vehicles. Anyone wishing to volunteer driving would be appreciated. We will look to hire a couple minivans if the numbers support this idea.


We need people to register interest as soon as possible by emailing

We will allocate teams so that all teams finish as close to possible to each other.

If you wish to enter your own team/run it individually, or cycle it, then you will not be eligible for the title of champion Shunter and Grunter team.

The aim of this event is to have fun, and experience one of Otago’s most stunning running environments.

We will hold the prize giving at the Waipiata Tavern, where people can have a drink and a snack.

Lap 1

Hyde Railway Station to Tiroiti, 8km, Flat with gentle rise to finish.

Run 1.6km to Hyde township and continue on over rail-bridge. After covering 5.3km negotiate your way through long rail tunnel. The slightly curved Hyde Tunnel at 151 metres long gets pretty dark in the middle section (lights encouraged). The basalt based Hyde Tunnel is the only completely bricked tunnel on the Trail.

At 6km runners cross a 91 meter long bridge which is 32 meters above the Taieri River. There must be no more than 5 runners at any time on the bridge and no bungy jumping is allowed.

The Capburn Railway Bridge is 40 metres in length and 7 metres in height.

The first change is reached after running over Tiroiti bridge and arriving at the shed positioned just before the intersection of the main road with Horseburn Road.

Lap 2

Tiroiti to Daisybank, 5.0km, mainly flat, some slight undulations.

Several single width gates to run through. Finish lap by crossing main highway and changing alongside beware sign. Extreme care must be taken when crossing the road. A Marshal will be in attendance to signal runners when to cross.

Lap 3

Daisybank to Kokonga, 4.2km, flat with some uphill and downhill undulations.

The main feature of this lap is that there are two standard width farm gates to clamber over during the final Kilometer. Observe the pitted volcanic rocks blown from the extinct Flat Cap Volcano beside the trail. The second of these gates marks the completion of the lap.

Lap 4

Kokonga to Waipiata, 9.3km, Mainly flat with gradual 500m climb before downhill descent to finish.

Those with a passion for bridges will enjoy fast footing it across the 97 meter long Waipiata bridge before tackling the only challenging uphill section of the entire relay. The 97m long and 6m high Taieri River Rail Bridge is the only crossing of the Taieri River on the Rail Trail. The relay ends at the rail-head opposite the Waipiata Tavern.


Leg 1 – 33.29 Elliot O’Sullivan (8km)

Leg 2 – 20.25 Elliot O’Sullivan (5km)

Leg 3 – 15.27 Flynn Morris Clarke (4.2km)

Leg 4 – 33.24 Doug Crumpton (9.2km)

Overall course record: O’Sullivans (year 2000) 1.53:04

Lovelock Relays 2021

Results 2021

2021 Programme

Invitation to clubs (click here)

Entry Form (click here)

Team Change form (click here)

Programme 2021

Race 1:      1:30 pm – Social/Mixed

Race 2:      2:10 pm – Under 12/Primary School

Race 3:      2:25 pm – Masters Women (35+), High School Girls & High School Boys

Race 4:      2:55 pm – Senior Women & Masters Men

Race 5:      3:20 pm – Senior Men

Team Changes

Must be done on the Team Change sheets provided & handed to the computer operators not less than 30 mins prior to the race start.

Lap Stewards

Please notify officials when your runners are about to change/team is finishing.

Fill in the Lap Steward cards provided & return them along with ALL race numbers ASAP after each race. Clubs will be charged $10 for missing race numbers. No Exceptions.

Entry Fees

Team captains to collect money and return with race numbers.


Will be emailed to clubs, included in the ODT and posted on our website:   Copies may be available at Prize Giving.


Please email We are always looking for ideas to make the event more successful.

Harrier report 05.10.20 Club Run and National Road Relays

Club run:

On Saturday , the medium pack went down Butts Road and along Anzac Avenue, before crossing the railway line at St Andrew Street. We then continued along Thomas Burns Street and Wharf Street towards the harbour. Next, we pulled off at Kitchener Street to the outside of Watercooled sports and along the Kitchener Street reserve- where the upcoming Otago 10km Road championships will start and end. We followed this course, along Portsmouth Drive, until the Andersons bay inlet- at which point we turned around. The return leg was largely the same, however, we ran along Fryatt Street doing two-minute tempo bursts before crossing the water of Leith using the new bridge at the end of Magnet Street. We hugged the stadium before exiting back down Butts Road and back to the clubrooms. It was a beautiful (if perhaps a bit hot) day with really enjoyable company. It was particularly nice to have a newcomer to the club, Conal, joining us! We had a wonderful time and were unanimously glowing about the Otago 10km Road Championships course which promises to make for an exciting race.
Tom led the scenic pack and Bruce led the walkers pack.

NZ National Road Relays

In the weekend our senior men represented Hill City-University at the New Zealand Road Relay Championships. A big thank you for the support from Hill-City University and the committee.

The team consisted of Josh Baan, Oli Chignell, Jacob Priddy, Russell Green, Jared Monk, Ollie O’Sullivan, and Logan Slee.

The HCU team were lucky to be put up by Josh Baan’s parents in some pretty awesome accomodation (this was massively appreciated by the whole team). We travelled the course in the team vehicle to get an appreciation for all of the challengers to come. The team had a relaxed meal on the evening before the race and had some good discussions of logistics and tactics for race day.

Singlet preparation and team debrief the night before race day

Leg 1 – Josh Baan:

Josh Baan (still recovering from being sick) dug deep and had a great performance on leg one. He worked and commanded the leading pack behind Andy Good (Canterbury University), in a very well controlled performance. His leg contained a final hill section that was one of the toughest segments of the day.

Josh Baan taking it to the racing field

Leg 2 – Oli Chignell

Oli Chignell demonstrated his pure class and composure on this relay leg. He was voted by the team as having the performance of the day (and received the HCU relay baton as a result). Oli ran the longest leg of the relay and was only 15 seconds outside the record. He also recorded fastest time on his leg. His performance was a demonstration of pure master class running, where he mowed down a number of athletes and put 50 seconds into Hamish Carson (Wellington Scottish). Oli Brought HCU into third place and a commanding position.

Oli Chignell smashing his leg and overtaking one of the HCU support vehicles.

Leg 3 – Jacob Priddy

HCU used Jacobs strength on what we considered probably the hardest leg of the relay. Jacob continued our strong start to finish his leg with HCU still in 3rd place. He took time out of a number of teams and provided a great buffer for our final runners in the team. Jacob recorded one of the fastest lap times on his leg.

Jacob Priddy flying through one of the flat sections on a tough leg.

Leg 4 – Russell Green

Russell had a great run on leg 4. He demonstrated that he has a huge amount of strength to go with his raw speed. This was a longer race for Russell that he usually races, but that did not impact his performance at all. He recorded one of the fastest lap times and continued HCU through in 3rd place.

Leg 5 – Jared Monk

Jared returned to the racing scene in style. It has been 18months since Jared has raced after suffering a serious injury and surgery. However, his experience and speed were demonstrated on his leg. Jared also recorded one of the fastest leg times and showed his impressive speed out kicking a competitor in the final 200m before the finish line. A very impressive run and return to the racing scene.

Leg 6 – Ollie O’Sullivan

After I was lost during the warmup I eventually made it to the start line with a bit of worry for the team mates. My tactics were to start slightly easy and work hard from there. The leg was undulating and climbing, followed by a steep downhill in the last KM (this couldn’t have come sooner). Team support was a massive motivator and helped me continue my focus throughout the race. Was a really tough run and finished with noting left. This was where we were caught for 3rd place and moved into 4th position.

Leg 7 – Logan Slee

Logan had the final leg of the race and smashed home the final leg back into fielding. He was struck with some unfortunate luck when his shoe lace came undone, but this didn’t slow his determination over the final stages where he finished out the relay with a really strong performance to finish the relay with Hill City- University finishing 4th in a performance we can all be proud of.

Celebration team shot post finishing fourth

This week we have a morning club run with two options. The club room will open at 7:00am. We will leave the club rooms at 7:30am for a warmup and an 8am park run start. Runners can meet at the club rooms or at the start of the park run. Please bring your Hill City Singlet for the run. Option two is group runs from 7:30am at the club rooms. Breakfast and coffee will be served after the park run.

Next week 18/10/20 we have the Otago 10km road champs and Hill City 5km. Please see the attached links to the event.

Otago 10km website

Otago 10km Facebook page

Harrier Manager report 14.09.20 (Spring Challenge and Colin Holmes/Alice Baker Memorial)

On Friday night we also had several members compete in the Otago 3000m Spring challenge.

Rebekah Green defended her title to claim the winning female time (9:44). Zara Geddes 3rd Female (10:32). Josh Hou finished Fourth man home (9:08), Joel Carman 6th (9:16), Finn Molloy 7th (9:28), George Hamilton 9th (9:34), Nico Alvarez Ray 10th (9:38), Luke Geddes 16th (10:26). A full set of results can be found at:

As a result of the Port Chalmers road race being cancelled, Hill City-University brought forward the Colin Holmes/Alice Baker Memorial Handicap 5km race. It was a great day for a race, and awesome to see everyone there on such short notice.

What is a handicap race without some controversy surrounding the results… Some course confusion left the 5 leading athletes to take a wrong turn, and although they still completed the 5km, they were all eventually disqualified.

Dianje Strang had an exceptionally strong run, running a personal best time, only to be led the wrong way and then be disqualified (27:32) Myrtle Rough (29:06) held out Lou Collins (29:08) on her first ever running race. They finished 2nd and 3rd however, due to the wrong turn were also disqualified. Although they took a wrong turn, their times were still considered accurate and they all completed 5kms.

Georgy Pakeho in the end was the overall winner of the event with a strong run (22:44) Sarah and Anya Rhodes swapped their handicaps to challenge Anya on closing the gap. Sarah must have dug deep to maintain the gap and finish in second place (32:03), and Anya performed well to clinch Sarah’s time by 1 second (22:02).

David Mackle was first male home (31:37), followed by Matthew Bolter (17:51) and Luke Geddes (18:44). Very impressive runs by Matthew and Luke. Luke ran a strong race the day after the spring 300m challenge. Pretty tough stuff.

Fastest times went to Shireen Crupton (20:06) and Ollie O’Sullivan (16:28)

The race was followed by the AGM and afternoon tea

A full set of results can be found at

This week we have a morning club run 19/09/20. We will meet at the club rooms from 8:30am and will split into two groups. One group will complete an unofficial park run, and the other group will complete the desired training sessions. We will allocate groups on the day. Breakfast and Coffee will be supplied before and after the run from 8am. Any questions please touch base with Harrier manager

On 26/09/20 we are competing in the Peninsula relay. If you wish to compete, or assist with marshalling please email:

Sue O’Sullivan, Lou Collins, and Myrtle Rough setting off on the COlin Holmes/Alice Baker Memorial 5km
Richard Fogarty, Shireen Crumpton, and Ali Craigie starting the Colin Holmes/Alice Baker Memorial
Matthew Bolter Striding out to a strong start of the COlin Holmes/Alice baker Memorial
Georgie Pakeho finishing the COlin Holmes/Alice baker Memorial in first place
Hill City-University members preparing to attend the Annual AGM meeting

Colin Holmes/Alice Baker Memorial

Georgie Pakeho9:0031:4422:441st Female
Sarah Rhodes10:0032:0322:032nd Female
Anya Rhodes10:1532:1722:023rd Female
David Mackle0:3032:0731:37
Matthew Bolter14:3032:2117:511st Male
Luke Geddes13:4532:2918:442nd Male
Shireen Crumpton12:3032:3620:06Fastest Female
Tim Dawbin12:0032:4820:483rd Male
Ali Cragie12:3033:0120:31
Richard Fogarty12:3033:0820:38
Ollie O’Sullivan16:4533:1316:28Fastest Male
Mark Geddes13:3033:4820:18
Helen Collins0:0034:0534:05
Elliot O’Sullivan15:4534:0618:20
Dwayne Sheddan14:0034:4120:41
Dianje Strang (DQ’d)3:3031:0227:32
Myrtle Rough (DQ’d)2:0031:0629:06
Lou Collins (DQ’d)2:0031:0829:08
Lachlan Crumpton (DQ’d) (2.8km)9:0031:1122:11
Sue O’Sullivan (DQ’d)2:0031:3029:30
Tim Bolter (DNF)

Draft Programme- 2020-2021 Summer Season

Friday 11 SeptemberTwilight Meet – Lovelock 3000mCaledonian Ground
Saturday 10 OctoberSeason Opening – Invite a FriendCaledonian Ground
Saturday 17 OctoberSenior InterclubCaledonian Ground
Thursday 22 OctoberTwilight MeetCaledonian Ground
Saturday 31 OctoberSenior & Children’s Combined InterclubCaledonian Ground
Saturday 7 NovemberSenior InterclubCaledonian Ground
14-15 NovemberSI Masters and Combined Events
Championship Modified Seniors
Caledonian Ground
Saturday 21 NovemberSenior InterclubCaledonian Ground
Saturday 28 NovemberSenior and Children’s Combined InterclubCaledonian Ground
Morning 10K Champs, 9amCaledonian Ground
Saturday 5 DecemberSenior Interclub – Permit meetCaledonian Ground
11-13 DecemberNew Zealand Secondary School
Saturday 12 DecemberSenior & children’s Combined InterclubCaledonian Ground
Saturday 19th DecemberHurring event + Grades 12,13 & 14Caledonian Ground
Saturday 9 JanuaryLovelock ClassicTimaru
11th or 12th JanuaryTwilight -Yvette Williams Meet?Caledonian Ground
Saturday 16 JanuaryColgate Games
Saturday 23 JanuarySI Teams Event- Modified Senior meetCaledonian Ground
Saturday 30 JanuarySenior Interclub – Permit MeetCaledonian Ground
Saturday 6 FebruaryCaledonian Ground
Saturday 13-14 FebruaryOtago Championships – Permit MeetCaledonian Ground
Saturday 20 FebruarySeniors and Children’s Combined InterclubCaledonian Ground
Saturday 27 FebruarySenior Interclub- Permit MeetCaledonian Ground
5-7 MarchNZ Track & Field ChampionshipsCaledonian Ground
Saturday 13th MarchOtago Secondary School ChampsCaledonian Ground
Saturday 20 MarchCaledonian Ground
Saturday 27 MarchCaledonian Ground

Athletics Otago Interclub Programs 2020/2021

Track 1Track 2
1:15pm100m1:00pm2km/3km Steeples
1:40pm1500m1:30pmLong Hurdles
2:10pmShort Hurdles1:50pm200m
TimeField 1Field 2Field 3Field 4
12:30pmPole VaultLong JumpHigh JumpTriple Jump
1:30pmHigh JumpHigh Jump (8)Triple JumpPole Vault (8)
1:30pmShot PutShot PutDiscusShot Put
2:30pmLong JumpTriple JumpPole VaultLong Jump

Each week rotation goes:

17 October 2020Track 1 + Field 105 December Track 2 + Field 2
31 October 2020Track 2 + Field 230 January 2021Track 1 + Field 3
07 November 2020Track 1 + Field 36 February 2021Track 2 + Field 4
21 November 2020Track 2 + Field 413 February 2021Track 1 + Field 1
28 November 2020Track 1 + Field 127 February 2021Track 2 + Field 2