HCU update 21/6/18

Hi everyone!

Thanks to all the club members and their friends and family who come to help us with the fun-draiser lamb tasting session at the Department of Food Sciences last night. It sure was fun! Thanks to Phil Bremer for getting us this club fundraiser for us, and for the yummy lamb samples!

This weekend, we have the club cross country at Rotary Park. This is combined with Ariki, and possibly Leith also. Its a fun 5km course, and its handicapped. My favourite! All the club members who have run something this season have a handicap all set to go, and there is no charge for this event. We will meet at the Ariki clubrooms at Bayfield Park at 1.30pm, get a race number and handicap, and from there we will head up to Rotary Park to get started for 2pm. You can run up, or carpool with someone. Please bring something to share for afternoon tea back at the Ariki clubrooms after. If you need a ride to Bayfield, let me know:) Childcare can also be available if needed.

Saturday 30th June: The Edmond Cup Cross Country- Wingatui, Mosgiel. This is an Otago Centre event, so entries are online at Athletics Otago. We are the lead club for this event, so help is needed to set up and take down the course please. If you are running, can you please let me know if you are able to head out a bit earlier (12pm) and can help set up. Thanks in advance!

Kennett Cup XC champs- Christchurch, 7th July: Entries close for this on the 2nd July, and are via the club only. If you are planning to run this event, please let me know by Monday so I can get this done for you.

Takahe to Akaroa National Road Relays: Spots are filling up fast for this, so get in touch asap if you would like to go so we can accommodate you in a team.

Thanks again


HCU update 27/5/18

Hi everyone,

Well that was certainly a cold weekend. Well done to everyone that came along to the trots at Forbury Park raceway yesterday, Hill City-Uni’s first time to this day, so now we know the lay of the land, we will know what to expect for next year! Thank you to those who helped with the Athletics Otago Kid’s XC today, there was a good turn out of kid’s depite the cold. Im still cold!

Next weekend, we return to basecamp at the HCU clubrooms, Logan Park. We will welcome the other Dunedin clubs to join us, but is sure will be great to run/walk from “home” again. As usual we will meet at 1.30pm, and head out around 1.45 when we are organised. We can have “kid’s club” for the littlies if you want to bring kid’s that are too little to run, please let me know by 10am on Saturday. Bring something to share for PM tea

Barnes Cross Country: Sunday 10th June: Entries are open for this on the Athletics Otago website . This is infact open to competitive and social members, but competitively registered members will find it cheaper to register for this race. Its very fun, and handicapped (Slower runners start earlier than faster runners). Give it  a whirl if you are keen, its a goodie! I have Otago competition numbers for those who have not got them yet, ill bring them on Saturday


Hill City Uni update 21/5/2018

Hi everyone,

Well! What an exciting day at the Ponydales cross country relays last weekend, well done everyone!! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, it sure is a toughy to make the legs and lungs burn.

This weekend we are heading to Forbury Park Raceway, St Kilda, to continue with thie horsey theme. This is a 5km, flat course around the horse raceway. It is the first time HCU have joined the other Dunedin clubs to do this, but its a great way to get 5km times for everyone to help us place you better in upcoming events. So, we will meet at 1.30pm there at race course side. Come and get a race number from us, wear your club singlet, and we will get underway at 1.45pm for the kids, and about 2pm for everyone else. If you need transport, please let me know and ill arrange this. There is also a bus that goes out that way every 10mins or so from town. No charge for this event

Takahe to Akaroa– National Road Relays 6th October: We are starting our planning towards getting teams to this again this year. Please register your interest with me and we will have a bit of a meeting to talk about plans/funding etc in the next few weeks. We will be able to have senior mens and womens, masters, and social teams this year, so let me know if you are keen. Heres the link to check out

Registrations: Thanks to all those who have registered with the club. If you have not done this already, it is well overdue! Get a wriggle on, you know who you are…..! If you have registered as a competitive member, Ill bring your number along this weekend.



Ponydales 2018

Hi everyone,

Here are the details about the “ponydales” cross country relays this Saturday. These are held at the Ponyclub on 3 mile hill, just beyond Ashburn Hall on Taieri Road. If you need transport, can you please either arange this via the post on the facebook page, or give Helen a call/text on 0276758662.

Dont forget your club singlet, and $10 entry. For those not racing, you could head out for a run or walk from here too, or come along and cheer your clubmates on. We will have our Hill City Uni flag up so you know where to find a friendly face if you are unsure of where to go. It gets pretty cool up there sometimes, so bring something warm, and something to share for a rolling afternoon tea too if you can.

Programme of Events:

12.45pm Race 1 Masters Men and Youth men U18: 4 x 2000m

1.30pm Race 2 Open Women, Masters Women, Social/Mixed, Youth Women U18: 4 x 2000m

2.15pm Race 3 Boys & Girls Under 7 1 lap of paddock, individual race (No entry fees, enter on the day)

2.25pm Race 4 Primary & Intermediate School, Boys and Girls 7+:  4 x 650m (No entry fees)

2.40pm Race 5 Open Men 4 x 2650 metres (1 lap of children’s course, then 1 lap of 2km course)


Hill City- Uni -1 SM Alistair Richardson, Kirk Madgwick, Drew Cairney, Matthew Ogle

Hill City- Uni -2 SM Harley Paterson, Tim Dawbin, Alex Gorrie, Josh Hou
Hill City- Uni- 3 SM Will Scharpf, Ollie O’Sullivan, Chad Butson, George Bates
Hill City- Uni -4 SW Rebecca Allnutt, Aly Craigie, Bella Bloomfield, Lorna Pairman
Hill City- Uni -5 MW Anna Frost, Sarah Rhodes, Shireen Crumpton, Taryn McLeod
Hill City- Uni -6 MM Steve Bloomfield, Simon Rhodes, Richard Fogarty, Stafford Thompson Res: Kerrin Williams
Hill City- Uni -7 Social  Amy Hickling, Brittany Butler, Cilla Dickinson, Michaela Walker
Hill City- Uni -8 Social  Erin Conway, Emma Doyle, Georgy Pakeho, David Mackle
Hill City- Uni -9 Junior men U18 Jake Owen, George Hamilton, Lachlan Crumpton, Fergus Oberlin-Brown
Hill City- Uni -10 Junior women U18 Caitlin Butson, Anya Rhodes, Lila Rhodes, Ella Hou
Hill City- Uni -11 Kids 7+ Archie Rhodes, Guthrie Wakelin, Magnus Pakeho, Isaac Thompson
Hill City Uni- 12 Kids 7+ Luka Mirosa, Mateo Mirosa, Kotomiyo Cowell, Zara Geddes
Hill City Uni -13 Kids 7+ Marley Thompson, Lily Falcous, Rosie Falcous, Someone

As you can see we need another child, so if you know someone who would like to run as 7+ child, let Helen or Sarah know on the day please. If Ive missed you out please get in touch, Ill try to sort that out.

Have a LOT of fun, I wont be there unfortunately, its one of favourites!! Go Hill City University!!


Prizegiving 2017: Winter Harriers

Race Awarded for Name
D.H Randle Memorial Cup Fastest time Lovelock Trials Drew Cairney
Maiden Race Trophy 1st Woman home in lovelock trials Bella Bloomfield
Neil Hickey Memorial cup Fastest in Lovelock Relays Sam Bremer
TK Cowan 1st Man Eric Scharpf
John Edmond’s Memorial cup 2nd Man David Mackle
TK Cowan 1st woman over line Anya Rhodes
TK Cowan Fastest Man Jared Monk
TK Cowan Fastest Woman Bridget Thompson
Edmond Cup – Soldier Memorial Trophy 1st SM home Oli Chignell
Edmond Cup – R.C Lindsay/
I.F Reid trophy
1st JM home Drew Cairney
Edmond Cup – R.C Lindsay/
I.F Reid trophy
1st MU16 home George Bates
Edmond Cup – Steeplechase Trophy 1st SW home Shauna Pali
Otago Cross Country – Fenwick Memorial cup SM fastest time-1st to finish Stafford Thompson
Otago Cross Country – J.C. Lucas cup JM fastest time Drew Cairney
Otago Cross Country – W.H. Burrows Colts Cup BoyU14 fastest time George Hamilton
Otago Cross Country -R.T.Dodds U16 fastest time George Bates
Otago Cross Country – I.F.Murcott & Emerson cup SW fastest time Bridget Thompson
Otago Cross Country – Ladies XC U16 fastest time Rosie Falcous
Otago Cross Country – MM XC MM35 fastest time Robbie Johnston
Otago Cross Country – MW XC MW35 fastest time Bridget Thompson
Ariki/HCU Rotary park XC – Mornington Girls XC U14 fastest time Anya Rhodes
Ariki/HCU Rotary park XC – Presbytarian cup 1st SM over line Stafford Thompson
Ariki/HCU Rotary park XC – R.E Gain Memorial cup 1st JM over line Campbell Neilson
Ariki/HCU Rotary park XC – D.O’Brien Cup 1st SW over line Sarah Rhodes
Colin Holmes Memorial road race 1st man over line Keith Weatherston
Colin Holmes Memorial road race – Colts race 1st U16 over line Josh Hou
Colin Holmes Memorial road race – A.Knowles 1st Woman over line Shireen Crumpton
Colin Holmes Memorial road race – R.Murcott Fastest man Richard Fogarty
Colin Holmes Memorial road race 1st Boy U14 over line Archie Rhodes
Colin Holmes Memorial road race 1st Girl U14 over line Emma Neilson
Colin Holmes Memorial road race – Alice Baker Memorial cup Fastest Woman Shireen Crumpton
Hill Free – Wakari Cup Half 1st man home Stafford Thompson
Hill Free – Cook Hill Trophy- Half 1st Club man home Stafford Thompson
Hill Free – Hire Service Trophy-Half 1st club woman home Emma Lloyd
Hill Free – 10km 1st man home Kirk Madgwick
Hill Free – 10km 1st woman home Shireen Crumpton
Richmond Family cup Cowan/Holmes/Port Man Richard Fogarty
Frost Trophy Most Improved male Drew Cairney
M.G. Manson Most improved female Bridget Thompson
P.R & P.M Seaton Most Outstanding performance Caden Shields
Jack Clark Trophy Persistence and Determination Myrtle Rough
Bob Lindsay Memorial Trophy Best Marathon Performance Romain Mirosa
David McDonald Memorial Trophy Most Valuable Contribution Road Relay Jared Monk

Hill City Uni update 11/9/17

Hi everyone, (this is a jumbo email, are you ready?!)

Another weekend of stunning results for members who competed in the Dunedin Marathon events. Congratulations to all who participated, and special mention to those who excelled and took out Otago titles. Among those were Bella Bloomfield- Marathon 2nd woman (!!) and Otago Womens marathon champ 2017, Kirk Madgewick- Half marathon- 1st (!!) 1hr.14.45, followed closely by Robbie Johnston- 1hr.18.04-3rd masters man. Shauna Pali- Half marathon- 1st Senior woman 1hr.25.03. Bridget Thompson- Half marathon- 2nd Masters woman 1hr.29.02. Also putting in stella performances in the half were Alistair Richardson, Brd Trebilcock, Shireen Crumpton, Jared Monk, who all placed in the top 30 overall!

In the quarter marathon, Sam Bremer won in a time of 40.41, and Sarah Rhodes took out 2nd Masters woman. What a buzz reading these results, we really have been so well represented as a club this season. Well done on your achievements.

This coming weekend: Club run and walk, there will also be a kids run. Bring someting fresh to share for PM tea.

Colin Homes race: 23rd September, this is our last club race of the year, lets have a big turnout The course has been modified this year and we think much improved. Thanks to Mike Wakelin for this.

Shoe Clinic Hill Free: Im still waiting to hear from you! Please get in touch. Yes you;)

Nitty gritty- AGM: As previously mentioned, this will be held on the 30th September, at 3.30pm at the clubrooms. A club run/walk will be held as usual before this. Please come to the AGM and support the club, your involvement is important to us.

Thanks again