HCU update 30th May 2017

Hi everyone,

Hope your week is going well. This Saturday, we have a club run from our clubrooms, meeting at 1.30pm to leave in packs at 2pm please. There will be a kids run too. Bring something to share for PM tea.

All the best to those who are travelling to Christchurch to run the Half or Full Marathon, keep us posted!

Last Saturday, the sun came out just in time for the bus to leave for the Millennium track, everyone that went had a great time. Thank you to Steve Pinker for putting in so much effort to make this so fun:) On Sunday, we hosted the first of the Athletics Otago Childrens Cross Country series, this was a great success, and the kids had a fantastic time. The next in this series is hosted by Caversham Harriers on the 18th June at Corshophine Park. Spread the word about this as it really is a fantastic series. The link to enter is http://athleticsotago.co.nz/Events/Events/race-2-otago-kids-cross-country

Barnes Cross Country: Will be held on the 11th June. This is an interclub, short course cross country, and open to anyone who is registered with the club, either competitive or social registration, also there is a kids race. To enter this event, you must first register with the club, and then enter via the Athletics Otago Site. Dont forget, your competitive race number is the same as last year, so hopefully you have kept this to wear on the day. If not, I will need to allocate you a new number, so please get in touch early to arrange this. Here is the link for the Barnes Cross Country.  http://athleticsotago.co.nz/Events/Events/barnes-cross-country-8 Entries close at midnight on Tuesday so dont miss out!

Athletics Otago Finance Committee: We need to have a representative from our club on the finance committee for Athletics Otago, this is a great opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes in Athletics in Otago, and be involved in some decision making for our running community. It involves a meeting once per month, usually only an hour long, and you do not have to be a finance guru, just someone who is interested in being part of the behind the scenes team for the year. Please let me know if you are happy to be nominated.

Thats all I think! Feedback welcomed on the content/regularity/etc of these emails,


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HCU update 18th May 2017

Hi team!

With the Ponydales being cancelled, we have invited all the other clubs to join us at our place for a run and walk this weekend, 20th May. This should be really fun, and a great opportunity to get together with our wider running community. Please bring something to share for afternoon tea, there will be lots of people this week.

There will also be a kids group, thank you to Rebecca who will help me take the kids on their adventure this week.

The Athletics Otago Childrens cross country series starts on the 28th May, this is for primary school aged children. Spread the word about this series, its really fun, and last year there was a great turn out of happy kids giving it a go. Registrations for this is on the Athletics Otago webpage. http://athleticsotago.co.nz/Events/Events/race-1-otago-kids-cross-country As we are hosting the first event, I need some more helpers please. Thanks to those who have already volunteered, much appreciated.

Millennium Track outing- Thanks to those who have put their names, we have 20 keen people to join the fun. This Saturday will be your last opportunity to get on board the bus, so let us know please.

The Balclutha half marathon has unfortunately been cancelled, hopefully we see this return next year.

Club registration- Please if you have not done this yet, get on to it:) Can be done on the Hill City-University webpage.

See you all on Saturday, lets hope for sun or snow, both are equally as fun.




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Lovelock Relay results 2017

The results for the Lovelock relay 2017 are available:

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HCU Lovelock teams

Hi everyone,

Here are the teams for the 2017 Lovelock Relays that are this Saturday, as well as the programme. You will see there are a couple of details missing from some names, could those people (listed in bold) please email me asap so I can fill those gaps and publish before Friday. Thank you.

As we are the hosts of this event, please can everyone bring something for afternoon tea, not necessarily from a packet if possible:) Its a great event, so even if you are not running, come on down and cheer for our teams,as well as the other clubs.

If there is some reason you are no longer able to run,please let us know as soon as possible before Saturday as this will affect the teams. If you are not curently in a team, but would like to be, let me know and we will try to rustle up another team so you dont miss out on the fun!

Dont forget you MUST wear club uniform this day, if you do not have a singlet, please email me and i will get you one to purchase, or you could ask another club member if you can borrow theirs. And also, dont forget your $10 entry each, to be given to your self nominated team captain.


1: Dave Mackle, Cathy Weatherston, Keith Weatherston, Kate Spenceley

2: Christine, Myrtle Rough, Danielle, Sarah Rhodes


3: Guthrie Wakelin, Lachlan Crumpton, Oliver Oberlin-Brown, Fergus Oberlin-Brown (res: Alex Walker)

4: Ella Hou, Rosie Falcous, Amelie Warlow, Emma Neilson

5: Marley Thompson, Lily Falcous, Briar Henwood, Isaac Thompson (res: Esme Thompson)

High School

6: William Scharpf, Campbell Neilson, Matheson Colquhoun, Josh Hou

7: George Hamilton, Ollie Bixley, Alex Warlow, Luke Moffat, res: Sam Bixley

Masters Men

8: Robbie Johnston, Matt Bixley, Eric Scharpf, Warren Scott

9: Dwayne Sheddan, Ian Graham, Richard Fogarty, Jason Henwood

Senior Women

10: Bella Bloomfield, Bridget Thompson, Shireen Crumpton, Hannah Adamson

Senior men

11: Caden Shields, Jared Monk, Sam Bremer, Drew Cairney, Stafford Thompson, Andy Pol

12: Matthew Ogle, Alistair Richardson, Josh Campbell, Chad Butson, Elliot O’Sullivan, Ben Wardhaugh,

13: Oliver O’Sullivan, Murphy ?, Matt ?, Sean Morrison, Connor Shivman, Simon Rhodes (Res: Marcus ?)

Thanks Mike Wakelin for putting the teams together for us.


Race 1:            1:30 pm – Social/Mixed

Race 2:            2:00 pm – Under 13 / Primary School

Race 3:            2:15 pm – Masters Women (35+), High School Girls & High School Boys

Race 4:            2:45 pm – Senior Women, Masters Men

Race 5:            3:15 pm – Senior Men

3:45pm           Mass Run & Mass Walk

4:30pm          Prize giving

The Prize giving will be held in the Hill City-University Club rooms at approximately 4:30pm.

Please do not be late for your race. Team captains are in italics, please ensure you collect your race pack for your team, issue race numbers and collect entry money to return with race numbers at end of race.

Thanks again, any questions just sing out


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Lovelock relay programme 2017

The programme for the Lovelock relays is now available:

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Lovelock relay trial results

The results for the Lovelock relay trial are now available:

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Hill City update 27th April 2017

Hi all,

Hope you have had a good week? This weekend we have a Club run and walk from our clubrooms, meeting from 1.30 to leave at 2pm. There will be a kids pack too, so our little adventurers get their next installment of Saturday fun. Please bring something to share for afternoon tea.

The Lovelock relays: are to be held on the 6th May, please let us know if you are keen to be in a team, whether it be age graded or in one of our popular social teams. The kids race is always good fun too. Please see Helen, Howden or Oli at the clubrooms on Saturday to get you club singlet and arrange payment.

HELP: We will also need help to run the Lovelocks on the 6th, so if you are able to help with setting up the course, and taking it down after, as well as some odd jobs in between, please put your hand up. We have a whole host of events we need to provide marshals for over the season, so please if you can committ to one or two, it means everyone shares the load and we can continue to have a great selection of events in Otago. THe Mothers day run is another event on the 14th May that we need 2 helpers for, so if you are a Dad, and Mum is running, please lend a hand. Send me an email so i can pass on your details.

Registrations are due by the tart of June too please, so put this at the top of your list. Let us know if you need help with this.

Thanks everyone, enjoy the rest of your week

Merrilee (Currently melting in Samoa 35 degrees)

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HCU update 20th April 2017

Hi everybody,

I hope you all had a great Easter break, it was fantastic to see so many at the club rooms for a run/walk in the sun last weekend, lots of happy faces to enjoy our first 3.15pm heads or tails game, what great fun that was. Congratulations to Cathy, our first winner, and to Bruce Beath for the great idea.

Already our running calendar is getting busy, here are a few things coming up. And a link to the event description from our website for a little extra information, https://hillcity.org.nz/harrier-season-summary/ Thanks to Mike Wakelin for making this for us.

Dont forget to get online and get your registration sorted as soon as possible please, and ask on Saturday about purchasing your club singlet ready for the Lovelock Relays.

Lovelocks: The trials for Lovelocks are this Saturday at our normal club time. If you want to be in a team, but cant be here for the trial, please email us and we can put you in a team. This is a great competitive event, but also we put social and kids teams in, so there is something for everyone. The Lovelocks are held on the 6th May.

There will be a club run/walk following this dependent on time, but the walkers, and kids will still head out. Cathy will take our ever growing kids group out this week:)

Millennium Track: Club outing to Henley to run.walk the Millennium track. This is on the 27th May, so get your name down, and let us know if you want to bring friends or family to join us. Only $5 each.

All the best of luck to our members heading off to the World Masters Games starting this weekend, keep us posted on how you go.



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Winter programme 2017

The programme for 2017 is now available:

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Autumn fun run series 2017 week 3 results

The results for week 3 of the Hill City–University Autumn fun run series are now available:

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